Why I Like Guns

Why do I like guns?

  • They are simple mechanical devices and among the few durable items that can be as functional 100 years later as the day they were made.
  • They are powerful.  It’s an explosion you can hold in your hands.
  • They are a tool that enables me to defend the lives of my loved ones and my own.  It’s a seat belt for life!
  • They represent independence and self-reliance.
  • They are functional art.  Some firearms are beautiful to behold.
  • They go BANG!  They are loud.  Did I mention it’s an explosion you can hold in your hands?  What guy doesn’t like blowing shit up? 🙂
  • Science, bitches!  They are an effective and practical demonstration of Continue reading
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Golden Proportion Template for Treatment Planning and Case Presentation

There are a number of ways you can use Golden Proportion to plan or present an anterior cosmetic case:

  • You could just print a photo of a retracted view of the anterior teeth and draw on it directly with a white “Sharpie” marker.  
  • You could purchase one of the apps out there (actually, I think they are an annual subscription). 
  • Or you could do this… Use a template and Photoshop (or similar photo editing software).  That’s what I did.

The reasons to do this might include:

  • Show a patient the degree of occlusal / incisal wear.
  • Show patients what is possible with restorative cosmetic dentistry.
  • To help you (the dentist) plan a case virtually.

I have found this simple demonstration very effective with patient case presentations.   Here are a couple of examples.  I’ll attach a “how to” video below.

Retracted anterior view.  There is significant anterior wear.

Here is the photo I printed to show the patient:

Golden Proportion template added.  This helped the patient visualize the amount of incisal wear and how it could be restored.

Another example: Continue reading

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This Is What “Organized Dentistry” Thinks Is Good Marketing!?!?

I’ve long been a critic of so-called “organized dentistry” (American Dental Association) at the national, state, and local levels.  And, hoo-boy, do they lob up easy targets for me! 

This is an ad recently created by my state’s dental association.  Surely, we all agree with the main message that an absence of pain or symptoms does not indicate an absence of pathology or potential dental issues.  Scroll down for the video!

But, good golly!  They could not have created a worse ad, in my opinion. 

  • The spokesperson (a dentist?) looks like she either just got out bed or the shower.
  • Her tone and body language is condescending and paternalistic (just like dentists of yore).   She clenches her fist and squeezes her eyes shut to emphasize her point.
  • Watch the full (21-sec) ad below!

    Then she puts her hands on the “patient,” grabbing his head and covering his ears!  I’m not sure what the message is there (besides condoning what might be considered assault).  Is she hiding something from the patient?  Why would she not want him to hear what she says next?  Very, very strange.
  • The “assistant” makes the patient feel dumb with her, “Uh, yeah! DUH!” interjection.

This is the marketing brainchild of the dental association!  What do you think?  Comment below!

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Join the Dark (Insurance) Side, or not?

Those who know me, know that I’ve been “insurance-free” for my whole career.  My practice has been truly FFS (fee for service) for its entire history.  I can tell you, that it has NOT been easy.  But, when I observed the struggles of my insurance-based colleagues, it hasn’t been easy for them, either. 

My friends deal with the vagaries of deeply discounted fees, rejected claims, lost claims, delayed payments, denied payments, down-coding, and demanding patients who expect them to know the intricacies of dozens or hundreds of plans, and so on.

My challenge has been to attract patients who choose to come to my office because of the level of the service we provide rather than where their “insurance booklet” tells them to go.

Maybe I’m an idiot?

But, times have been tough.  I have a lot of empty chair time.  While my goal has never been to simply “be busy,” it’s natural to get worried when things are slow.  And, as time has gone on, it seems people (patients) care less and less about quality of service and more about low cost and “does my insurance cover this?”  There have been times where I doubt myself and think, “maybe I’m an idiot and should join some plans?”

OK, maybe I should look into it?

Last month I decided to at least look into it.  I figured I’d at least get some information from one or two insurance companies about their PPOs.  I started with Cigna.  I had my office manager give them a call and ask for some information to be emailed to me.  They promptly accommodated that request and emailed me a fee schedule. 

I exported my fee schedule from my practice management software into an Excel spreadsheet.  Then I took Cigna’s fee schedule home with me and had my wife dictate the fees to every single code to me, as I input them into another column in the spreadsheet.  I then created another column with a formula to calculate the percentage discount for each fee. 

You can click on the spreadsheet image below Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With This Ad?

My chairside assistant sent this ad to me (from her Facebook feed).  It’s a local dentist. 

What is the appeal to viewers / prospective patients here?  Put yourself in their shoes, so to speak (you know nothing about dentistry). 

“What am I looking at?   Are those teeth he’s holding?  With his bare hands?  What’s that thing with the bolts in it?   What is ‘all on four’?  Is it only four teeth?  Where’s the smile promised by the ad?”

What is the benefit being presented here?   Who would want this service and why?  Which questions are being answered by this ad? 

It reminded me of another blog I wrote:  Don’t Show Them How We Make the Sausage!

But, it should also remind us that our marketing should answer prospective patients’ questions… in lay terms.  

  • Will my smile look good? 
  • Feel good? 
  • Last a long time? 
  • Can I eat anything with them? 
  • Do they stay in or come out?
  • How long will they last?

It’s akin to a plastic surgeon using this photo to advertise breast augmentation:

What do you think is wrong with this ad?  Comment below!

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Talk with and listen to your patients! You never know where the conversation will lead.

A short story for today’s blog:

Today a patient came in for his recall visit. He’s relatively new to the practice… maybe a year. Super-nice guy – 27 years old. We did some routine restorative treatment for him.

He has a history of orthodontic treatment as a kid… and left with a significant anterior open bite. He and his parents were told that was as good as it could be.

In occlusion!

Today, the patient asked me about bleaching his teeth.  He’s got a lot of decalcifications typical with ortho patients whose hygiene wasn’t so great with the appliances on.  That led to questions about porcelain veneers. Continue reading Digiprove sealCopyright protected by Digiprove © 2019 The Dental Warrior®

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Another Immediate Implant Provisional Case

It’s funny how things come in cycles / clusters. Immediate implant provisionals seem to be my “thing,” lately.

I enjoy the challenge, and each case is a bit different.  So, it seems I’m inventing new techniques as I go with each case.

Today’s case is a new patient.  She moved down, mid-treatment, from “up north.”  Her periodontist up north had placed an implant in site #9.  Apparently, #10 had been grafted to prepare for a future implant.   In the mean time, she has been wearing an Essix retainer as a temporary.

Her periodontist up north referred her to a periodontist here, who happened to be “my periodontist.”  And, then my perio referred her to me.  The plan was for my perio, Dr. Gornstein, to uncover implant #9 and place implant #10.  Then I would place immediate provisional crowns on both.

I started with an exam and study models.  I sent the study model for a wax-up of #’s 9 and 10.

Patient presentation pre-operatively.  She also requested replacement of crown #11.

Instead of getting a wax-up back, I got what appears to be a printed model and a putty matrix (I didn’t request the matrix – usually make’em myself, but OK).

Not bad… but, #9 and 10 are longish. I can correct intra-orally.

Putty matrix from lab.

The appointments were set, and the patient would come directly to my office from the perio.

Implant #10 added by my local periodontist.

This is how the patient presented at my office immediately post-surgery.  The periodontist provided the “PEEK” temporary abutments.

Occlusal view immediately post-surgery.

As I initially examined the surgical result, I didn’t think I’d need to reduce the temp (PEEK) abutments, but I wasn’t sure.  The putty matrix is opaque, so with that, I could only “feel” if there was any interference.  But, I wouldn’t be able to see if there was adequate clearance to avoid “show-through” of the abutments in the provisionals.

Then it occurred to me Continue reading Digiprove sealCopyright protected by Digiprove © 2019 The Dental Warrior®

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Even Office Staff Need TLD (Tender-Loving-Dentistry)

Yesterday, when I arrived at the office, my office manager told me that she felt tooth #7 “crack” and now it’s loose.  At the end of the day, I took a look.  I was able to remove the crown / post with my fingers.  And, then I saw this:

Can’t have this smile greeting patients at the office!

There was no way I could recement the crown, even temporarily.  It was about 4pm, so we made a quick call to our periodontist.  He could fit her in first thing in the morning (today – my office is closed on Fridays).

The periodontist was able to remove the tooth and place an implant.  My assistant and I met Jo-Ann at the office at about 10am.  The periodontist’s office is right down the street from mine.

Courtesy of Dr. Russell Gornstein, periodontist.

Here’s what we did: Continue reading Digiprove sealCopyright protected by Digiprove © 2019 The Dental Warrior®

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Using Dental Memes to Educate Patients on Social Media

This post will be very short!  Earlier today, a dentist friend posted a dental meme on Facebook, designed to educate patients about the effects of the progression of decay.  I saw it and thought, “That’s pretty good.  I like it.”

My friend’s meme.  To save a copy of this, click the image.  It will open in a new window.  Then right-click and “Save Image As.”

But, then I thought about a different version that might resonate better with the lay public (our patients).

My first modified version.

Then, moments ago, I updated it to this:

I think it helps to include the related procedures.  If you want a copy of this  image:  Click on the image to open in a new window.  Right click and then “Save Image As.”

What do you think?  I posted this on a big Facebook dental group, and it went “viral” (in the dental world).  Within hours, I started to see it pop up on dentists’ practice Facebook pages and in other dental forums.  Feel free to steal this one, if you find it useful.Digiprove sealCopyright protected by Digiprove © 2019 The Dental Warrior®

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Strive for Perfection. Be Happy with “Darned Good.”

Dentistry is demanding in many ways.  It’s physically demanding.  It’s mentally demanding.  Dentists have to wear a lot of hats.  We are the primary producer in a business.  We are the doctor.  We are the manager.  We are the CEO, and we change light bulbs.

Never perfect!

When it comes to the actual dentistry, many of us can be perfectionists and our own worst critics.  I think that stems from the “beatings” we took in dental school.  I remember being told to change the pulpal floor of my first Class 1 prep by a QUARTER-MILLIMETER.  I thought the instructor was full of shit (well… most of them WERE!).  But, now a quarter-millimeter is a “mile” in my eyes.

Restoring anterior teeth is probably the most demanding procedure we do.  There is a LOT riding on the result… whether it’s one tooth or all of them.  The anterior teeth “enter the room first,” so to speak.  If something isn’t right, it stands out… big time.  The anterior teeth are important socially and psychologically for the patient.  They’re important, functionally, with occlusion and eating.  They’re even important in speech.

Here’s an example of an anterior restoration gone wrong (at another office).  I presented this case (a new patient consultation) in my blog about “Putting Out Fires.” You can click on the image to see that article.

Mission Critical!

So, when a patient comes in with a broken upper central or lateral incisor, it’s a BIG deal.  When that patient is an 8 year old girl, it’s critical!  It’s critical to her AND her parents.

Last Friday, I got a text from a local colleague.  A friend’s 8 y.o. daughter fell face-first on a tile floor and fractured both upper central incisors.  My colleague is an extraordinarily-gifted dentist, but he doesn’t see children.  So, he referred the family to me.  There was no pulpal exposure (by her dad’s estimation), so we scheduled her for Monday.

This is the photo, Dad sent by text.

On Monday morning, Dad and 8 y.o. daughter came to the office.  Continue reading Digiprove sealCopyright protected by Digiprove © 2019 The Dental Warrior®

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