To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Is that a question?

There are some serious potential problems with the COVID vaccines that are not being brought to light by those with the power to do so.  The media and politicians are not discussing this at all.  I’ve been reading the peer reviewed medical literature instead of listening to the talking heads.  I have posted links and excerpts to three peer reviewed articles below.  Decide for yourself.

I’m posting some references regarding the potential problems with the new SARS-COVID vaccines.  To be clear, the concern is NOT a “side effect” or “reaction” to the vaccine itself.  The concern is what happens when a vaccinated subject is exposed (“challenged”) to the live virus.

Peer reviewed is the standard in REAL Science.

These are peer reviewed journals, which means the submitted articles / studies undergo strict scientific scrutiny before being published.  These studies / articles bring up some VERY serious potential problems. Continue reading

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Your Fees are high, but…

Composite build-up placed and final prep. Laser troughing for impression.

This will be a short blog post.

Today, a long-time patient was in the chair for a crown delivery.  None of these photos are of this particular case.

As is usually the case, the crown dropped in with perfect contacts… and a tiny bit of occlusal adjustment.  The patient was satisfied with the esthetics and gave the nod to cement it.

After cementation and clean-up, I sat the patient up and asked her to make sure it still feels good. (Some patients’ occlusion changes when I sit them up after adjusting in while supine in the chair.)

She confirmed it felt good and then said:

“Your crowns are not cheap.  (They aren’t!)  But, they are always very good.  At previous dentists, my crowns were always difficult and needed a lot of adjustments.  Your temporary crowns always stay in – this one was in for 6 weeks.  And, your crowns always fit without adjustments.” Continue reading

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It’s a Plandemic! Do you know where your ammo is?

Over the last several months, I’ve received numerous messages from friends who are desperate for a defensive firearm or ammunition.  If you didn’t already know, the run on guns and ammo has created a major shortage. 

My friends are understandably very nervous about the current state of affairs across the country.  People who never worried before are worried.  People who never dreamed of possibly wanting, much less NEEDING, a defensive firearm are buying firearms at record rates.

We’re from the government.  We’re here to help.

The shutdown was for only 2 weeks, they said.  “Just obey,” they said.  “It’s for your safety,” they said.  Defund the police,” they said.  Release criminal suspects with no bail,” they said.


Photo courtesy of Rob Bulmahn.

Ten months later, here we are…  Still effectively shut down.  We’ve had riots and a skyrocketing violent crime rate.   Citizens are FINALLY figuring out that the police not only may not be there in time… The police have NO LEGAL DUTY to save them.  They don’t even have to show up.  It’s true.  They don’t.  They might.  But, they don’t have to.

You are on your own.

Many Americans have realized that they are on their own when it comes to their personal safety.  Even dental offices have been completely destroyed by thugs running amok under the guise of “mostly peaceful protest” with the tacit approval of the same officials who have shut down church services and school. Continue reading

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Which came first? Tongue thrust? Or the spaces?

Invariably, when I post a photo of a diastema case on a dental group, the usual suspects come out of the woodwork to explain why the spaces are there.  Usually, it’s the “myofunctional therapy” and “dental sleep apnea” fanbois and girls. 

If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Oftentimes, from a single photo, they’ll make the call.  “The patient obviously has tongue thrust and needs myofunctional therapy!”  I posted the following case on some dental social media groups and got exactly that.

This patient drove 180 miles and likely passed 2,000 dentists on the way… to come see me.  Her chief complaint was the gaps between her teeth.  She’s a model.  She’s had orthodontics TWICE.   

Sure enough, the tongue is pressed FIRMLY up against the teeth in this pre-operative photo.  It’s GOTTA be the dreaded tongue thrust that caused the spaces, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight?  Continue reading

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Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Brand

It only took me 32 years to come to this conclusion.  I hope this article will shorten that time for you.

I don’t give a damn ’bout my reputation – Joan Jett

You know how they say, “your reputation precedes you?” Certainly, we’re all aware that we have a “reputation” as dentists… at the very least with our own existing patients.  Presumably, since they’re still your patients, your reputation is likely “good” with them.  Perhaps your reputation may extend beyond your patients to their family or friends, with whom they had conversations about their experience in your practice.

Depending on your professional relationships extending from your practice, you may also have a reputation among colleagues and other connected professionals. 

Many of us work hard to maintain a good reputation.  We hope for good online reviews from our patients.  We hope our specialist referrals speak highly of us to our patients.  Those specialists may occasionally return the favor of referral due to our reputation with them. 

I recently learned that reputation isn’t the same as your brand.  And, by brand, we’re not talking about naming your practice, “Del Boca Vista Smiles” or even “Smiles by Dr. Schmuckatelli.” Branding is not a cool logo, either.  Your name and logo may REPRESENT your brand, but they are not your brand.

One time at dental camp…

Continue reading

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Are we too quick to extract and implant?

Remember the days when “herodontics” was all the rage?  Hmmmm… maybe you don’t.  Now, if there’s even a question about a tooth’s restorability, it’s reflexively diagnosed as acute titanium deficiency syndrome.  When in doubt, take it out (and replace it with an implant). 

Let’s face it.  It’s often much easier, and it’s always more profitable.  Oh, sure… you’ll argue that it’s more “predictable.”  And, you may be right.  Or not. 

I’m still willing to try to restore teeth that may be more likely dismissed by today’s “standards.”  My guiding principle is still, “What would I do if this was my mom?” 

Such a case came through my office recently.  It wasn’t MY mom, but she’s somebody’s mom.  Her nephew, a periodontist up north, referred her to me.  The 76 y.o. female’s chief complaint was a loose crown (#6).  Tooth #6 had an existing crown and post / core. 

It was readily apparent that the post / core was loose and still attached to the crown.  I tried to gently remove it.  No go.  I used the “crown tapper,” again gently.  No go.  I didn’t want to risk fracturing the root (if it wasn’t already). 

I sat the patient up, and we had a discussion.  She was already familiar with implants, as she had several.  We discussed extracting the tooth vs trying to save it.  I explained that I could remove the crown by cutting it off and then seeing what we had to work with afterwards.  I may or may not be able to restore the tooth. Continue reading

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When Riots Come to Your Office / Business

All it took to change our focus from COVID was RIOTS and widespread violence!   LOL!

So, all weekend long all we heard about was the rioting spreading in cities across the nation.  Sociopathic miscreants were taking advantage of the situation to go out and have “fun.”  Of course, their behavior had nothing to do with perceived injustices or social issues.  The opportunity was there. 

This ISN’T about looting in terms of theft of valuables.

Then on social media I started seeing posts and photos about dental offices being looted, gutted, and burned.

Dental office in St. Paul, MN.

Dental office in Raleigh, NC.

It’s 100% criminal opportunism. There are people (using the term loosely), who default to their most base “instincts” whenever the threshold for accountability is lowered. When that opportunity to act out without the risk of being caught or punished comes about, they go into animal mode.

It’s fun!

These soulless cretins are destroying for the sake of destroying, because they know they can get away with it.  It’s “fun.”  Really… as sick as that sounds.  That’s pretty much it.  Theft of valuables or merchandise is NOT the primary goal.  To wit… the dental offices that were destroyed.

Only a couple of hours after I saw the photos of the destroyed dental offices, I got a message from a dentist friend one county south of me.   His friend, who is married to a cop in my area, sent this message about a potential riot in my area: Continue reading

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Memorial Day Thoughts

USS Independence CV-62. I was aboard 1989 – 1991.

On this Memorial Day, I am reminded of my four shipmates who died during the time I served aboard the USS Independence. I was present when one of them took his last breath. They were fulfilling their oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They made the ultimate sacrifice. It was their choice to serve, it wasn’t their choice to die. But, they knew it was a possibility.

On this particular Memorial Day, with the current infringements on our Constitutional Rights, I am compelled to be ever more vigilant (and vocal in my advocacy for our Freedom) in light of why those men died. I owe it to them.

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I’m still a dentist! Failed implant crown.

Yes.  I’m still a dentist.  I just need patients to come back!

Last week, a patient was referred to me by a periodontist.  Her implant crown had come off, and she was referred to the periodontist by her dentist up north.  By the patient’s recollection, the implant crown was placed about 1-1/2 years ago.

Clinically, it looked like what you see below.  Continue reading

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Why I Refuse to Comply

Many times, I’ve been asked why I refuse to comply with the new rules or indulge the “new ABnormal.”  I’ve been called every name “in the book.”  Someone told me she hopes I get sick and “a tube is jammed down my sorry throat.”  Others have wished me dead.

“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – often attributed to George Orwell, but never confirmed.

Transcript for the video below the jump:

Continue reading

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