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Another Delta Dental State Bites the Dust!

Last April I ranted… I mean blogged… about the 15% cut in fees by the state of Washington’s Delta Dental plan.  In it I said Washington was the beach head of this war.  I predicted that other states would follow … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Your Bounce Rate… Right Here!

If you get into a discussion with other dentists about websites, you may hear, “My website is awesome.  My bounce rate is only 5%.”  (or some such ridiculously low number)  “What’s yours?”  Many dentists love to get into metaphoric dick-measuring … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Ortho Ministar – Product Review

Stop “Sucking Down” and get Super-duper Thermo-formed Results The “suck-down” machine has been a mainstay in the labs of dental offices for many years.  And, they typically get used a lot.  We use thermo-formed materials in our practice in a … Continue reading

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Two Dudes Syndrome – A Dental Disease

When I was in the Navy, we had pithy expressions for just about everything. “That makes as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.”  (self-explanatory) “I want you guys to make this place shine like a diamond in … Continue reading

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Why Dentists Should Carry a Knife

Knives (or sharpened objects) are man’s earliest and most common tool.  Archeological excavations often uncover some sort of cutting or chopping tools, no matter how far back in human history we go.  Today, we use them just as much.  We … Continue reading

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Teach… your children well… about safety.

A local newspaper ran a story recently  about “accidental” injuries and deaths with guns.  Some of them involve children who were (obviously) not supposed to have access to the guns.  While seven times as many kids die from drowning, the … Continue reading

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Angry Teeth & Angry Birds

I’ve always been a contrarian.  If everyone is zigging (buying iPads), I’m zagging.  And, I’ve long said that I had no use for an iPad.  I’m a “power user” of computers (PCs).  The iPad simply isn’t capable of fulfilling my … Continue reading

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