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Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead, Washington Dentists!

Disclaimer:  The following blog post is my opinion only.  None of it is to be construed as irrefutable fact.  Do your own research.  Run your own math.  Consult your attorney or your dog.  Make your own decisions. There has been … Continue reading

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Another “Dentists Are Ripping You Off” Article

Beware!  Dentists Are Ripping You Off! On, there is a thread about this news story on  You can read it by clicking here.  The article is not as bad as I expected.  It encourages patients to ask questions, … Continue reading

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Someone Hacks Your Wi-Fi… And You Could Die??

I find this story disturbing on so many levels.  Read this Associated Press story first. A summary of the story: A man and his wife (in Buffalo, NY) were surprised at 6:20 am by federal agents bursting through their front … Continue reading

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Patients Are People, Too!

This week I saw a new patient.  His wife found me with an internet search.  He had been seeing another dentist down the street from me for a while.  But, he kept complaining to his wife that he didn’t like … Continue reading

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Videos Will Rock Your Web Marketing World

I’ve dabbled in the use of videos in my website marketing.  And, I’ve been planning on ramping it up.  Like many projects and plans, this effort had fallen victim to my chronic procrastination.  One reason / excuse was that (until … Continue reading

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Chairside Denture Reline Magic!

Tokuyama Rebase II Review I don’t deal with a lot of removable prosthetics.  But, I do see some.  And, anything that makes that part of my practice easier and better is a good thing. Denture relines have always been a … Continue reading

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What REALLY Matters in Life

My 9 year old son (in 4th grade) was given an assignment to write a paragraph about his “best friend.”  He gave it to me last night.  Here’s what he wrote: Forever Friend Friendship is a relationship with another person … Continue reading

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Breaking News… My Fuji S2 Pro Camera Is Dead

I’ve had my Fuji S2 Pro (a Nikon “Franken-camera”) since the early days of digital photography.  Maybe 10 years ago.  A year or so ago, I bought a Canon Rebel XSi as a back-up clinical camera. Today, I heard a … Continue reading

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Ultradent Valo Curing Light Review

Wide-Spectrum LED – Yes.  Halogen – No more. For many years, I was happy with my halogen curing light.  But, it did annoy me that I had to regularly measure the light output and replace expensive bulbs when they either … Continue reading

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Six Month Smiles – You Can Do Ortho (that patients want)!

In these difficult economic times, Dentistry has not been immune to the effects.  And, if we’re being honest, most dentistry is elective.  It’s a tough battle we’re in right now.  Dentists are the last bastion of entrepreneurism in health care.  … Continue reading

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