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Dressing Up Your QR Code

You’ve probably seen these funny looking squares around.  They can be scanned with a cell phone to take the user to a website, Youtube video, review site, brochure, or other media.  I’m still not convinced QR codes have caught on … Continue reading

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Dissecting a Micro-Site

Just for fun, I was ego-surfing on the search engine,  I am a die-hard Google fan.  But, I wanted to check it out and see how my website performs on Bing.  Admittedly, I have made absolutely no effort to … Continue reading

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Out of the Mouths of Patients – Website Feedback

Yesterday, I had a new patient.  She was a very nice young woman, 22 years old, who is both an LPN (nurse) and college student.  It had been a year since she’d seen a dentist.  She didn’t have any treatment … Continue reading

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Content IS King in Websites – It’s not just me!

I don’t often link to other articles in my blog.  But, my friend, Gary Takacs has made an appearance of sorts on the Forbes website in an article titled, “Design Doesn’t Matter? Website Strategies For The New Era Of SEO … Continue reading

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The ONLY Way to Stop a “Mass Shooter” Is….

This is MrColionNoir’s best rant, yet!  I thought it was worth sharing.  His commentary should simply be considered common sense. Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2020 The Dental Warrior®

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Are Spelling and Grammar Important?

This is my second article in the same day.  I’m feeling froggy! Edit:  I just realized this is also my 200th post!  Wow! Last night, I was watching TV and a local dental ad came up.  Something was catching my … Continue reading

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“Can I trust my dentist?” How Would You Answer?

Just this morning, I got this email via my practice website: My 20 year old daughter had a filling come out (tooth 12).  She needed root canal.  They referred her out even though all the dentist do that procedure in … Continue reading

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Tough Central Incisors Case

Well, since my entire day’s schedule cancelled due to a tropical storm and tornado warnings….  I’ve got time to post this case. Long time patient.  Very nice guy.  Has some pretty severe wear on his anterior teeth.  Got him wearing … Continue reading

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25 Years in Dentistry – It’s Just the Beginning

Yesterday minus twenty-five years was the day I graduated dental school.  What a relief that was!  In some ways, it seems like yesterday.  In other ways, it still seems like yesterday! Going into dentistry, I had no idea I would … Continue reading

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