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Defy the “back” button. Be yourself – online!

A dentist friend sent me a message on Facebook with a link to a Ted Talk video about social media.  (I’ve embedded the video at the end of this article.)  The video reminded me of what I’ve been preaching for … Continue reading

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Isolite saves my butt again.

This week, I had two particular patients that presented clinical challenges.  In both cases, treatment involved lower posterior teeth.  I’ve written about the Isolite in this blog twice before: Win the Isolation Battle with Isolite! (see video, too!) Isolite Saves … Continue reading

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Is Groupon running out of gas?

In the early days of Groupon, I was intrigued.  My marketing efforts are nearly 100% internet-oriented.  It seemed like an easy and reportedly very effective way to attract new patients to my practice.  And, I had heard of some crazy … Continue reading

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“Conflict” Resolution – What Would You Do?

It happened to me. I was recently reminded of an incident as I read a gun blog about non-violent conflict resolution.  Sounds like a subject contradictory to a gun blog’s focus, doesn’t it?  It’s not. Some 20 years ago, I … Continue reading

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Get off yer butt, and get MOBILE!

Well, besides the fact that I DO need to get off my butt and start moving more (for my health), I’m not referring to exercise.  I’m talking about mobile websites. I suppose my impending suggestion (keep reading) to explore the … Continue reading

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Dental insurance is like getting a gift card from a control freak!

My friend, Dr. Alan Mead, a dentist in Saginaw, Michigan recently blogged about dental “insurance.”  I put “insurance” in quotes because there is no such thing as dental insurance.  Rather, it is a pre-paid dental benefit plan.  And, that’s what … Continue reading

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My Best Day in the Navy – An Officer and a Dental-man

My brother posted a link on Facebook today that led to a raw video shot by someone riding back-seat with the Navy’s Blue Angels.  It’s nearly 10 minutes long, and I watched the whole thing. It took me back to … Continue reading

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DentalTown / Townie Meeting – A Collective Dental Intelligence

Happy New Year!  And, this also marks the 1 year anniversary of my Dental Warrior blog. Many of you are already on Dentaltown, and you might skip this blog post.  Preachin’ to the choir, as they say.  If you’ve been … Continue reading

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