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My name is .  I’ve been a dentist since 1988.  Right after dental school, I spent three years in the U.S. Navy.  I served on an aircraft carrier that served in Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.  My practice is private FFS with a focus on cosmetic and “big case” dentistry.  I’m a bit of a CE junkie, averaging about 50+ hours per year.  I love what I do and cannot imagine doing anything else.

In 1992, I joined my first online dental forum on Compuserve.  That forum is long gone.  But, I’ve been on various dental forums for three decades.

At one point, my extensive posts on Dentaltown recently ranked me in the top 10 most prolific posters and the top 10 most subscribed to posters (out of 130,000+ members) at one time.  I’ve since moved on from that forum.  I’m passionate about dentistry and a number of other topics.  Based on the thousands of emails and private messages I’ve received over the years, I decided to create this blog.  My stock and trade on the dental forums has always been my forthright honesty.  Some might say bluntness!  And, you can expect the same here on TheDentalWarrior.com.

A Bitewing Teeth Party Extremist clinging to his occlusion and gums. Don’t drool on me!

I love all things dental and have a particular interest in internet marketing.  Outside of dentistry, I also enjoy spending time with my family, racing cars, guns, and stirring up shit.  I am passionate about personal security and safety and a dash of politics.  Interestingly, I have discovered that many dentists share those passions.  So, I created this blog to discuss that unique combination of interests with a primary focus on dentistry.

While most of us have solo practices, we are “brothers-in-arms” on the battlefield that is private care dentistry.  We all face the same trials and tribulations.  I hope this blog proves to be valuable in terms of useful information that you can implement to benefit your practice and enhance your life.

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