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  1. Grant D Hensley
    May 28, 2021

    Nice result on the temp.
    I’ve noticed on a couple of your anterior implant cases that the poor positioning/angulation of the implant by your surgeon eliminated your ability to use screw retention of the crown restoration. You are a very high quality dentist. I would encourage you to demand that your surgeon not just plug a hole with an implant but would slow down and give you the best chance of avoiding the negatives of cemented implant crown restorations by improving the implant’s positioning. Otherwise, find a surgeon that can do this for you. Perhaps providing a stent with a drill access lingual to the incisal edge will keep the surgeon on course is a good place to start. Don’t accept “the implant goes where there is bone and that the best I can do” as an excuse. Elimination of these compromises are routinely done by skilled and conscientious surgeons.
    Thanks for your wisdom and patriotism. I love reading your blogs.


    • The Dental Warrior
      May 30, 2021

      Ha. Yeah… the surgeon I’m using is top-notch. I like to say his implants look like they grew there.

      With due respect… You’re making a LOT of assumptions. Yowza. And, to suggest that my surgeon ISN’T “skilled and conscientious????” REALLY? You’re going THERE? LOL! What does that say about ME? LOL!

      In my experience… Due to the angulation of the maxilla and the anatomy of anterior teeth, it’s RARE that we can use screw-retained implant restorations in the anterior.

      I believe it’s Nobel that makes a screw that can be used with an angulated channel and wrench for this reason. Though, I have not tried it. It’s really a solution to a “problem” I don’t have.

      While I like screw-retained restorations (easier), I’m perfectly comfortable placing cemented crowns on custom implant abutments. No issues at all with that. I don’t consider it a “compromise.” I don’t understand the aversion to a cemented crown in such cases.

      What are the “negatives?” Please don’t tell me about excess cement. That’s a DENTIST problem, not an implant restoration problem.

      I certainly wouldn’t want the surgeon to compromise the placement of the implant JUST so I can do a screw-retained crown.

      Or are you suggesting that “all anterior implant crown restorations can be screw retained?”


    • The Dental Warrior
      June 4, 2021

      BTW… how do labs attach the porcelain crown to the titanium substructure with screw-retained crowns?

      With cement, of course. 🙂


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