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The Media & Gun Mythology

It seems today that the media gets things wrong more than they get them right.  This applies to nearly every type of story, too.  If they’re caught in their “mistakes,” they make a token apology and move on.  Accuracy and … Continue reading

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Why Can’t the ADA Be More Like the NRA?

I’ve been a member of both.  I’m now only a member of one… the NRA.  I quit the ADA several years ago.  I recognize that some of my readers may not identify or agree with the NRA, in particular.  But, … Continue reading

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Retrofitting a Crown to an Existing Partial Denture

I first posted this “article” on Dentaltown back in 2007.  A friend just reminded me about it, so I thought I’d re-post it here. We all know what a pain this can be – fitting a new crown to an … Continue reading

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Published in April Issue of Dentaltown Magazine!

I was asked to write an article for Dentaltown Magazine that answered the question: “What does the model for dentistry look like in 25 years? 50 years?  Will corporate dentistry chains have taken over dentistry like Walgreens and CVS did … Continue reading

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Is There No Such Thing as Bad PR?

5″ x 5″ ad in the Saturday issue of the local paper: $500. Yellow Pages ad (worthless): $500 – $5000 / month. SEO for your website: $200 – $2000 / month. John Lennon’s tooth: $30,000.  (no kidding) Exposure in Rolling … Continue reading

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