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Violence Walks into a Dental Office without an Appointment

I try not to post multiple articles about personal safety in a row.  But, in recent days, the news has provided fodder that I can’t resist. Yep… it happens.  Just yesterday, a man entered a dental office in Columbus, Ohio … Continue reading

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THIS is Condition White.

I’ve mentioned Situational Awareness in many of my posts about personal safety and security.  Most victims of violent crime should have seen it coming.  But, they were unaware of their surroundings or the behavior of the people around them. Just … Continue reading

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Knock off the “Knockout Game!”

These sub-human, mentally-defective pieces of shit should be brought up on attempted murder and murder (in those cases that end that way).  How’s that for an opening sentence?   Watch the news clip video below.  This “game” is actually not new.  … Continue reading

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Video Testimonials Are Marketing Gold

I need to do this more!  I was just chatting with a patient in hygiene today.  I asked her, “What’s new?”  She told me she had a new boyfriend, and she was in LOVE.  She then went on about how … Continue reading

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Go Ahead. Make My Day!

I know what you’re thinking, punk.  You’re thinking “did he give me two carpules of anesthetic or only one?”  Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement.  But being this is a Kavo electric high … Continue reading

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Showing up on Google’s 1st Page in Three Days

There are many SEOs (search engine optimizers) that will tell you it’s complicated and a long process to get listed favorably in Google searches.  It’s not necessarily true.  There ARE a lot of factors in play, including the amount of … Continue reading

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Credibility Is Everything

As dentists, we are in a rather unique business.  Despite massive and coordinated (and to some degree, successful) efforts to commoditize dentistry, it’s undeniable that we provide one of the most personal services for patients.  We are literally “in their … Continue reading

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