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A “Simple” (but not easy!) Cosmetic Bonding Case

Taking a brief break from the Coronavirus hysteria (I’m not done!) to post some dentistry.  A friend just boldly posted on Facebook:  “Stay home. Close your business. Don’t go out. Live in fear….  No thanks!” Me, neither!  I did this … Continue reading

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And one last thing about the Corona hysteria…

I’ve stayed out of posting on social media like Facebook, though I’ve been lurking a bit.  It’s a good thing I’m staying out of the fray, as I’d likely make a lot of enemies by calling out people specifically. So, … Continue reading

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Bad News = Opportunity… Part 2

OK… So, by now most of us have witnessed the full-on panic in America.  It’s crazy.  If I’m honest, I will say that I don’t suffer fools well.  I admit that I am contemptuous of those who adopt the “herd … Continue reading

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Bad News = Opportunity

Coronavirus is all over the news.  The resulting unjustifiable panic is the real “pandemic.”  Perhaps we should call it “pande-MONIUM?” The news offers many opportunities to communicate with our patients with context that can be leveraged due to hyper media … Continue reading

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