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Gun Review – The Ugliest Coolest Gun Ever: Chiappa Rhino

Bear in mind that I am NOT a professional gun reviewer.  And, this is really my first such endeavor.  Many of my readers have asked me to do some gun reviews.  So, here goes! My wonderful, beautiful wife surprised the … Continue reading

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25 Years Later – Dental School STILL Sucks!

University of Tennessee College of Dentistry – A “Dream” Review It’s nearly 25 years after graduating from the gruesome experience of dental school, and I’m STILL having nightmares about it.  Literally.  Last night I dreamed that I had to retake … Continue reading

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Trademark Scam Warning!

If you have any federally-registered trademarks, you may have seen this.  I’ve got a few trademarks, including the name of my practice.  I just got this very official looking notice today. Looks official and important enough, just on the envelope, … Continue reading

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Personal Safety – The Prequel to Armed Self-Defense

A few blog articles back, I introduced the concept of armed self-defense.  And, it may have been premature in this series.  I’d like to take a baby-step back and bridge the gap, or missing link, I may have created between … Continue reading

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ABC News – The Wisdom of Removing Wisdom Teeth

I’m home today with my daughter who has strep throat.  A few moments ago, my wife (on her way out to work) told me that there was a headline on about someone dying from wisdom tooth surgery.  Oh boy.  … Continue reading

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Online Reviews – Yea or Nay?

This morning I lectured at the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic (a local CE organization) about website marketing.  In my presentation I demonstrated internet trends as they pertain to user searches for healthcare information.  One of my slides had a … Continue reading

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Money Saving Idea – the REAL “Green” Light-bulbs

Or How to Save Over $10,000 in Light Bulb Expenses. Besides being a dentist, manager, bookkeeper, CEO, chief bottle-washer, and cook… I’m the official “light-bulb changer.”  And over the years, I noticed that it seems like I’m ALWAYS changing bulbs … Continue reading

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