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12 Reasons to Go to the Townie Meeting

The Townie Meeting has been my favorite dental meeting since the very first one. The speaker line up is always fantastic and presenters offer experience and ideas you can immediately implement in your practice (and take to the bank). The … Continue reading

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How Would You Handle This (medical history)?

We dentists deal with all kinds of patients.  This week, I had a patient who became very suspect of my office’s practice of placing protective eye-wear on all patients at every appointment.  She saw my hygienist first and asked her … Continue reading

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Don’t do this! (Dental Website Photos)

I just came across this dental website.  I’ve written a fair bit about the value of photography on a website.  Click on this link to see a list of articles on dental photography in this blog. Just don’t do this! … Continue reading

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Christina Applegate Googles Dentist

OK, folks… it’s 12:30am, and I can’t help myself.  I’ve been inspired.  I’ve gotta blog! One of Jay Leno’s guests tonight is Christina Applegate.  And, the first thing they talked about was her very recent emergency dental treatment.  Without further … Continue reading

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You Meet the Nicest People on the Internet

Even today, I hear dentists doubting the value of website marketing of a dental practice.   Most commonly, the objection is based on a perception that you wouldn’t get “quality” patients through a website.  My experience has been quite the opposite.  … Continue reading

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