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Wasted Days & Sleepless Nights (Sleep Apnea) – a C.E. Review

I’ve known my friend, Dr. Kent Smith for a long time.  And, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a Dental Jedi Master.  Before he was a dentist, he was an accountant.  So, he also knows how to “run … Continue reading

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Danger in the Dental Office – Part 2

Back in February, I blogged about Danger at the Front Desk.  And, I’m sure that many who read it likely thought, “that could never happen in my office.”  And, I hope it never does happen.  But, the reality is that … Continue reading

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Should You Register the “.XXX” (Porno) Domain?

.XXX Marks The DDS Spot I recently got an email from a certain website design company that caters to heath care practitioners.  It rhymes with “Sage Fun.”  I’m sure the email is well-intended, albeit self-serving (nothing wrong with that, really).  … Continue reading

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Google-proof Your Website

Caffeine, Places, Farmer, +1, and Pandas* – Oh my! *The code names of some of the recent Google algorithm projects (This is going to be a long one.  But, I promise it will be worth it!  Strap in!) If you’ve … Continue reading

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From High to Low in a Single Day

Today was a great day.  And, then it wasn’t. First it was great! I had one patient scheduled for the morning – to deliver six porcelain veneers.  This patient has been with me for a number of years.  And, she … Continue reading

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How to save a FORTUNE on medical insurance – with simple math.

Deductibles, deductibles, deductibles. My entire family is insured for about $250 / month.  How do we do it?  EASY.  High deductible.  $5,000 individual deductible.  $10,000 family deductible.  “Egads,” you say??  Stay with me… 2 + 2 really IS 4! What … Continue reading

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Isolite Saves the Day

This is just a quick “what happened this week” post. Earlier this week, I had a patient who is in a wheelchair.  His neck had been broken in a chiropractor’s office.  Ironically, he is a retired chiropractor.  Really nice guy. … Continue reading

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Cluttered Office – Cluttered Mind?

Honestly, I don’t know the real purpose of this blog post. But, I’ve come across some photos that I just HAD to play with.  Perhaps it’s a self-congratulatory exercise.  Or maybe there is some lesson we can glean from this.  … Continue reading

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