Speaking Schedule

I enjoy speaking as much as I do writing.  While I spend the vast majority of my time in my practice, I have been speaking locally and around the country for about 10 years.  I continue to be available to speak at your next meeting from an hour to an entire day.


You can contact me at: 

Recent engagements:

May of 2012 concluded two separate 7 month (1 day / month) courses at the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic:

  • A course on Internet Marketing (chairman).
  • A course on Cosmetic Dentistry (co-chairman).

April 26, 2012:  “Google-Proof Your Website” at the annual Dentaltown meeting in Las Vegas.  (This was his third time presenting at the Townie Meeting.)

May 2010:  Concluded a 7 month course on Dental Marketing at the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic.

In April 2010:  “Kicking Google Butt” at the annual Dentaltown (Townie) Meeting in Las Vegas.

Throughout 2010:  Instructor for Six Month Smiles teaching dentists in:  Rochester, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, and Tampa.

For a more complete list, feel free to contact me.