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Google Reviews – Disabled! (for now)

Doze meezerable cork-suckin’ bastiges! Just when I got onboard with Google Reviews, those mega-geeks at Google are changing the game… apparently a lot. The names on my reviews are gone.  Instead of a “star” rating system, it’s now a 0 … Continue reading

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A Photographic Tribute for Memorial Day

A friend, Dr. Matthew Brink, posted a photo on Facebook today that reminded me of a photo I took 20 years ago.  His composition includes the Washington Monument reflected at the far end of the wall.  Very cool. So, I … Continue reading

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Aetna VP / CFO Schools Us on!

This is just too good and must be shared! On another blog article I wrote about Groupon, a gentleman named John Bermel chimed in with some comments regarding his beliefs about “what’s wrong with dentistry” today.  At first, I mistakenly … Continue reading

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Do you REALLY want to do business with Delta???

I understand I may draw the ire of dentists who participate with Delta and other managed care plans, as I perpetually express my bafflement (yes it’s a word) at how any dentist would willingly sign a contract with the devil … Continue reading

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Answer Your ****ing Emails!

I have a brand new patient in the chair, as I type this.  She is a nursing instructor and hasn’t been to a dentist in three years.  She wasn’t happy with a crown done by her last dentist (bite never … Continue reading

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Cheap Dentistry – Coming to a Walmart Near You. No Joke!

I remember 20 some odd years ago, when they put dental offices in Sears stores.  Some would have had us believe the sky was falling back then.  “Corporate dentistry will shut down private practice as we know it.”  It didn’t … Continue reading

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