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Evil in Aurora

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  Life is busy!  And, that’s a good thing.  But, gosh… so much going on currently that I could write about… Obama’s delusional indictment of business owners.  (“You didn’t build that.”) Sage Stallone’s death … Continue reading

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The Dental Warrior Is Now a ®!

It took half a year (gotta love government efficiency!)  Woo-hoo!   If you have a brand name for your practice (or other business), be sure to protect it. For more info on trademarks:

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Happy Independence Day!

I like that better than “Happy 4th of July,” which has no intrinsic meaning or significance. 236 years ago, the people took up arms against a VASTLY more powerful, better equipped, better trained, and more numerous British military force… defeated … Continue reading

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Be a Nerd. Save a Life.

If I could distill my goals in raising my children to a singular word, it would be “THINK!” Think for yourself!  Don’t be “cool.”  Don’t try to fit in.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Don’t follow another individual.  Do your own … Continue reading

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