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No such thing as bad publicity? Really?

I’m not so sure! Consider getting some feedback from folks who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth before publishing videos or photos that may not look as good as you think! Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2013 The Dental Warrior®

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When a Toothache Isn’t a Toothache – Being a “Real” Doctor

My friend and fellow dental blogger, Dr. Alan Mead just posted a great article, Don’t just do something, sit there!.  In it, he discusses a particular emergency patient he saw recently with whom he couldn’t yet identify a dental issue. … Continue reading

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Optragate – So Many Uses

I’ve written about the Optragate before:  Optragate for Full Arch Prep & Impression The Optragate (by Ivoclar) is a nifty disposable item that effectively retracts lips and cheeks exposing both dental arches for easy access. I use it mostly when … Continue reading

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Dental Product Review: Brasseler ET Flex Strips

Brassler ET Flex Interproximal Finishing and Contouring Strips Every once in a while, a dental company creates a perfect product.  The ET Flex finishing and contouring strips are one of them, in my opinion. Oftentimes, I find using traditional finishing … Continue reading

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Case Presentation: Six Month Smiles Short Term Ortho

I haven’t presented a case in a while.  So here goes! This young man didn’t like his smile.  Basically, he didn’t like his crooked teeth and wanted them straight in a reasonable amount of time.  He turned down traditional orthodontics … Continue reading

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