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Stranger (Danger) in Plain Sight

Last night, in the news, they reported about a man entering Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and asking for a doctor by name.  The story then continues that the stranger shot the doctor twice and then killed himself.  The … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary-ish TDW!

This month marks the beginning of the FIFTH year of The Dental Warrior Blog!  Holy crap, time is flying.  I began writing TDW, in earnest, in January of 2011. I want to THANK YOU, my audience, for indulging my rants, … Continue reading

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“That’s Very Expensive, Doctor!”

I treat patients from all walks of life.  Contrary to a reputation that mysteriously precedes me, I don’t have a practice full of wealthy people with bad teeth and open wallets.  I wish!  But, my patients do span the spectrum.  … Continue reading

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Who They Gonna Call?

Who will your patients call?  Who will they think of when a friend needs a dentist?  Why will they think of you?  It could be that they love your hygienist.  It could be that they love your front desk or … Continue reading

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Higher MPG Cars = Higher Costs! What??

Happy New Year! And, now for something completely different on the first day of 2015.  I just LOVE (I really do) blowing widely-held “conventional wisdom” out of the water with FACTS.  I write mostly about dentistry and firearms on this … Continue reading

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