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Dollars and Dentists – PBS Ignores Patient and Parental Responsibilities

Sigh… another “exposé” on the shortcomings of the “dental care system” in our country.  This one is nearly an hour long, done by PBS.  I’m not going to write a long post about this program, however.  I’ll try to get … Continue reading

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Social Media Time Allocation

There are lots of choices with social media these days. Facebook has the lion’s share of active users and activity.  I’ve had a few techno-geek friends suggest that Google+ is up and coming and even better than Facebook. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Writing Copy for Visitors, not Search Engines

I’m a BIG fan of SEO done right.  I believe good SEO is some of the best money and effort you can spend on your website… to a point.  Many, including myself, have preached that “content is king.”  Ultimately, CONTENT … Continue reading

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“Free trial” Dental Product Scams

I’ve been at this dental gig long enough to have seen these scams come around more than once.  I first learned about this one many years ago.  I got a bill for a composite build-up product that I never recalled … Continue reading

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Failing Dentistry or Poor Host Response?

Sometimes our best efforts don’t work out.  We dentists reflexively tend to blame ourselves.  Somehow, we’ve managed to bring ourselves to believe that our work is immune to the hostile oral environment and vagaries of human behavior (and lack of … Continue reading

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Lethal Force In Self-Defense – A Rarely Heard Perspective

A Michigan newspaper article series (M Live) was just mentioned on one the forums I frequent.  This is a very well-written five-part piece by a man who has been there and done that:  Used lethal force to save his own … Continue reading

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Image Copyright Protection

My friend, photographer extraordinaire, and Photoshop savant, Chip Payet just posted a great article on his Digital Dental Photography blog about image copyright protection.  He saw my article, Major Online Referral Service Swipes My Photo! and wrote this article in … Continue reading

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Today’s Special Delivery

OK… now it’s yesterday’s delivery.  🙂 ‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try… I can’t get no… Sometimes the best part of my job is the satisfaction gained by significantly improving a patient’s quality of … Continue reading

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Major Online Referral Service Swipes My Photo!

I suppose I should be flattered when I find my intellectual property “borrowed.”  And, it seems many think it’s harmless to “borrow” copyrighted materials.  I suspect they don’t realize the amount of effort invested in creating website content, both copy … Continue reading

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Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

My wife and I cancelled our local newspaper subscription a couple of years ago.  The quality was steadily decreasing, and we found most of the stories were already “old.”  We had already heard or read most of the reports.  With … Continue reading

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