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Two Dentists Murdered in Texas at Their Office

It’s been way too long since I’ve written.  I’ve been distracted by a number of concerns.  But, I felt compelled to write about this sooner rather than later.  No photos for this article.  Just a quick and dirty composition of … Continue reading

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Case Presentation: Implant Impression for Contoured Soft Tissues

This is a continuation of this case – A single central incisor implant. The patient returned for the final impression after two months of healing.  Since the provisional maintained the soft tissue profile, there was a lot of space around … Continue reading

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Pay Attention to Things That Just Don’t Seem Right and Save Your Own Life

I haven’t written about this subject in a while.  I’m sure I’ll get some unsubscribe notifications.  I don’t care.  This is important shit. There was a murder-suicide only a few miles from my home at a grocery store two days … Continue reading

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How to Document Screw Access Position Under Cemented Implant Crowns.

While screw-retained implant crowns are favored today, certain clinical situations dictate cemented crowns on custom abutments.  I won’t be going into the different scenarios that favor screw-retained over cemented.  Nor will this article cover the advantages and disadvantages of each … Continue reading

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Case Presentation: Immediate implant provisional #9.

Learn how to make exceptionally esthetic provisionals on immediate implants to restore a single anterior tooth. Continue reading

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Go tribal with your website marketing!

Over the years (since 1999), I’ve gradually added to my website.  After 22 years, I’ve got over 50 pages on my site. Something I’ve constantly advocated (to other dentists) is to avoid “catch-all” web pages on your website.  For example:  … Continue reading

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They say veneers don’t work!

Veneers don’t last! Over the years, I’ve encountered colleagues that claim veneers are doomed to fail…. Or, that they are less predictable than crowns.  “Veneers pop off.”  “Veneers break,” they say.   Baloney! I’ve been fortunate to have practiced for … Continue reading

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Social Compliance in the “COVID Era”

I was discussing the current situation with COVID hysteria, (unconstitutional) rules, and social implications with my wife at lunch.  And a nuclear analogy sprung to mind for me…. We have reached a critical mass of willful ignorance and suspension of … Continue reading

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Is that a question?

There are some serious potential problems with the COVID vaccines that are not being brought to light by those with the power to do so.  The media and politicians are not discussing this at all.  I’ve been reading the peer … Continue reading

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Your Fees are high, but…

This will be a short blog post. Today, a long-time patient was in the chair for a crown delivery.  None of these photos are of this particular case. As is usually the case, the crown dropped in with perfect contacts… … Continue reading

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