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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Is that a question?

There are some serious potential problems with the COVID vaccines that are not being brought to light by those with the power to do so.  The media and politicians are not discussing this at all.  I’ve been reading the peer … Continue reading

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Your Fees are high, but…

This will be a short blog post. Today, a long-time patient was in the chair for a crown delivery.  None of these photos are of this particular case. As is usually the case, the crown dropped in with perfect contacts… … Continue reading

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It’s a Plandemic! Do you know where your ammo is?

Over the last several months, I’ve received numerous messages from friends who are desperate for a defensive firearm or ammunition.  If you didn’t already know, the run on guns and ammo has created a major shortage.  My friends are understandably … Continue reading

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Which came first? Tongue thrust? Or the spaces?

Which came first? Spaces? Or tongue thrust? Continue reading

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Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Brand

You think you have a good reputation, and maybe you do. But, what is your brand? Continue reading

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Are we too quick to extract and implant?

Remember the days when “herodontics” was all the rage?  Hmmmm… maybe you don’t.  Now, if there’s even a question about a tooth’s restorability, it’s reflexively diagnosed as acute titanium deficiency syndrome.  When in doubt, take it out (and replace it … Continue reading

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When Riots Come to Your Office / Business

All it took to change our focus from COVID was RIOTS and widespread violence!   LOL! So, all weekend long all we heard about was the rioting spreading in cities across the nation.  Sociopathic miscreants were taking advantage of the situation … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Thoughts

On this Memorial Day, I am reminded of my four shipmates who died during the time I served aboard the USS Independence. I was present when one of them took his last breath. They were fulfilling their oath to support … Continue reading

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I’m still a dentist! Failed implant crown.

Yes.  I’m still a dentist.  I just need patients to come back! Last week, a patient was referred to me by a periodontist.  Her implant crown had come off, and she was referred to the periodontist by her dentist up … Continue reading

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Why I Refuse to Comply

Many times, I’ve been asked why I refuse to comply with the new rules or indulge the “new ABnormal.”  I’ve been called every name “in the book.”  Someone told me she hopes I get sick and “a tube is jammed … Continue reading

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