Social Compliance in the “COVID Era”

I was discussing the current situation with COVID hysteria, (unconstitutional) rules, and social implications with my wife at lunch.  And a nuclear analogy sprung to mind for me….

We have reached a critical mass of willful ignorance and suspension of critical thought.  The disinformation campaign aimed at controlling EVERY SINGLE aspect of society has reached a critical mass that it has become a self-perpetuating chain reaction.  What we have is “fissionable fear and willful ignorance” resulting in mass compliance with even the most ridiculous new rules over essential and routine evolutions and the minutiae, as well.

It’s the “new normal,” they mindlessly explain (to themselves).

Cover your face.  Not once, but twice!  Don’t go to church.  Don’t sing out loud.  Don’t see your family, even if they’re dying.  Don’t see your children or grandchildren.  Don’t even cheer for your favorite football team inside your own home – Use a noisemaker or stomp your feet, instead.  No shit.  That came from the CDC.  This is real.  And, it’s being accepted by people because we’ve reached that critical mass I referred to earlier.

Did you get the vaccine?

Rather than a health issue, following the “rules” is a matter of SOCIAL COMPLIANCE.  When someone asks me if I’ve had or will get the “vaccine,” they aren’t asking for health reasons.  They are determining whether I’m being socially compliant.  Am I “one of us” or “one of them?”  Nobody would ask you if you got a Pap smear or a prostate exam.  Nobody would ask you if you’ve been tested for STDs or tuberculosis in normal conversation.  Under any other context, asking someone about their medical history is considered grossly inappropriate. 

But, not this.  Because this ISN’T medical.  This is cultural.  It’s a social LITMUS TEST.

Social implications killing relationships with Cancel Culture.

Already, I’ve lost friends and family, not to the disease (COVID), but rather to my failure to blindly comply with the new  social norms.  By DARING to question the status quo and the “conventional wisdom,” I have become a social pariah.  No exaggeration.  By daring to do my OWN research and daring to quote ACTUAL science from recognized peer reviewed medical journals (rather than CNN, Fox News, a power-hungry politician, or agenda-driven media), I am deemed a menace to society by the estimation of the masses… by my own family and friends (most of whom are quite intelligent).  Really. 

Because I refuse to “afraid” (fashioning the word as a verb) to the degree they are themselves, they take it as an insult and a threat.  Fear is the new virtue signal.

I can identify with the quote by British author, Donald James.  The only difference is that today now it doesn’t take generations.  It takes mere hours via massive repetition on social media.  The sheeple vacuously regurgitate the narrative they’ve been fed.  They’ve heard it so many times, they assume it’s true and refuse to vet the facts for themselves.  REFUSE to do it!

We have become comfortably numb.

Any time I bring up evidence… REAL evidence… contradictory to the narrative that has been so readily swallowed, I get the most remarkable looks and reactions.  It’s one of two reactions.  One is akin to your dog’s expression when you fart.  A cock of the head and raised eyebrows.  The other is a wrinkled forehead and haughty contempt.

Not once.  NOT ONCE, has a single one of them agreed to read the cited studies published in peer reviewed journals.  Nobody likes to find out they’ve been fooled.   People do not like to have their long-held world view refuted before their very own eyes.  The cognitive dissonance is too painful, and they’d rather remain blissfully and comfortably ignorant.

You can’t stop a chain reaction.

No amount of logic or facts will interrupt the emotional chain reaction that is now in play.  Just like a nuclear meltdown at a negligently run power plant, there is no stopping the cultural meltdown that is happening before our eyes.  Hysteria has reached critical mass. 

It’s EASIER to go along to get along.  Our culture has adopted a new “social norm” of apathy and blind acceptance of the “rules” handed down from on high.  If you don’t have control over your life (by letting others control it), you are no longer accountable for your lot in life.  “It’s not my fault.”  “It’s out of my control.”  Yeah… because you allowed it to be that way.  It’s un-American.  It’s killing the human spirit of independence, self-reliance, and our social fabric.

It’s not the government or media that is causing this runaway train.  It’s the PEOPLE.  The people have allowed it to happen and are complicit in its perpetuation.

Blind compliance is killing businesses.

People now proudly brag… BRAG about how long it’s been since they’ve been to a restaurant or gone out anywhere.  The same people pretend to lament, “It’s terrible that restaurants and other small businesses are shutting their doors permanently.”  They have no clue.

When I tell people I eat in (mostly empty) restaurants for lunch every work day, their mouths are agape.  “You mean you sit down inside of restaurants?!?!?”   These are the same people that go to the real cesspools that are Walmart and the grocery store.

I’ve said from literally Day One, that there is NOTHING the gov’t can do to shut us down without OUR CONSENT.  Unfortunately, the people gave their consent.  The shutdowns and restrictions are grossly unconstitutional (1st and 14th Amendments – look’em up).  But, there is no violation of your Rights, if you consent.

Our rise, fall, and recovery… It’s entirely in our own hands.

The blame for the demise of our economy and American way of life lies SQUARELY on the people.  The gov’t and media have NO POWER without our consent, complicity, and willfully ignorant compliance.

Normal times will only return when WE, the people, decide we’ve had enough.  The gov’t will never EVER rescind the restrictions and have no plans to do so.  They’re not even secretive about it.  They literally have no plans to lift the restrictions… ever.  Only we can make that decision.  I hope enough of us do…. sooner rather than later.  We’re already pretty much at the point of no return economically.

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13 Responses to Social Compliance in the “COVID Era”

  1. Ken says:

    My wife and I since way back when we were first dating have always made Saturday night our night to go out to eat dinner. We have not stopped doing this except for the month or so where the government closed all restaurants. We resumed dining out the moment places were allowed to reopen (sometime around May of 2020). I tell people this and some of the looks I get are just as you described above. I meet people that still aren’t eating out and it’s a shame.
    Wondering when all this insanity will stop?

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      It will only stop when a threshold percentage of people simply refuse to abide. I’m going to say 10%. Once 10% of the people stop complying with the bullshit, the rest will go like dominoes…. because there’s nothing the gov’t can do to enforce it.

      The gov’t will NEVER EVER officially rescind the restrictions voluntarily. Only when the people decide to stop complying will those restrictions FADE away (without any announcement).

      • Ken says:

        I agree.
        And just to add to what I stated above if you think I get some odd looks when I tell people we’ve been going to restaurants the entire time you should see some of the looks I get when I tell people I question the accuracy of the Covid stats the government gives us. Truly a deer in the headlight moment!

  2. Adrian Bagayas says:

    How I love sharing your blog on all my social media accounts. Even though most sheeple I know wont even take the time to read it, I’m glad more and more folks are speaking out. Keep on keeping on brother! The only way we can break this hysteria is by having more medical professionals like you standing up for scientific truth!

  3. another dentist who is also annoyed at this says:

    Dude you’re a cool dentist. Spot on with Wal-Mart and the grocery store being the real cesspools.

    When this all first started, they published an article saying dentistry was the “most dangerous” profession because of aerosols generated.

    Several months later, the CDC came out and said they “discovered” that covid was spread by larger respiratory droplets, NOT aerosols like they originally thought. Grade III surgical masks which we’ve been wearing forever anyways are enough to stop respiratory droplets. N-95 are intended to stop aerosols. Everyone started wearing an N-95 as if they dont believe its scientifically proven that a single surgical mask that we’ve already been wearing is enough to stop respiratory droplets. It IS. Thats been an undebated fact for an incredibly long time.

    I got sick last year. Really sick for almost two months last April. I KNEW I was sick (didnt have to take a swab test to tell me Im laying in bed with severe bronchitis possibly with some level if pneumonia) and I KNEW how I got sick (dumb guy on an airplane kept trying to kiss me). I knew last year that the virus was likely spread by respiratory droplets because of this and NOT just because of this but because EVERY RESPiRATORY VIRUS in the HISTORY of MAN is spread by respiratory droplets. Why would this virus be any different? Why didnt they acknowledge the incredible pattern in nature of how respiratory viruses are known to spread? They also didnt acknowledge that all of the respiratory viruses we know dont spread for 14 days. Their period of being transmissible is much shorter than 14 days. Even the CDC came out and said later that they their stufies show it might only be transmissible 7-10 days. Still, Canada did not drop their “mandatory” two werk quarantine after this came out. Neither did Hawaii for those without covid tests coming in. Why 14 days of quarantine when the CDCs OWN studies show its not transmissible for that long, just like every other respiratory virus thats ever been? What kind of scientists don’t acknowledge patterns in nature? Everything in chemistry and physics and biology is a pattern. Veterinarians are trained in multiple anatomy at once and they can learn it bc of similar patterns in animal anatomy. Different but similar. What kind of scientist doesnt freaking acknowledge that.

    Why arent they still saying dentistry is the most dangerous profession like they first claimed? Is it because we arent seeing any outbreaks at all at any of the dental offices..because we arent seeing any outbreaks. Because universal precautions work and they have worked for a very long time.

    Its also interesting how when anyone suddenly and unexpectedly dies a day or a few days after getting the covid vaccine that if someone posts about it on facebook, facebook will slap a “this vaccine has been tested a lot for safety” disclaimer right across the article about the person who died. Oh, another coincidence of a healthy person dying unexpectedly. I figured from the beginning that some people would probably be paralyzed or die from the vaccine. Most people probably wont die from it, but it was never an impossibility that some might just like every other vaccine out there. Vaccines are “generally” safe but I dont want to be the first in line for a new one. Geez.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks for your comment and for reading my blog. Did you see my post about the LACK of testing of the “vaccine?” More specifically, they did not challenge-test it in the lab, like they have for ALL other vaccines in the history of vaccines.

      What that means, if nothing else…. There is no proof that the vaccine confers IMMUNITY to the virus. It has proven to create antibodies. But, that’s only the first half of testing. ALL other vaccines have been challenge-tested in the lab with the live virus (on lab animals) to assess whether it WORKS. The other reason for challenge-testing is to determine whether there are issues such as ADE.

      Here’s the link, in case you missed it.

      To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? Is that a question?

  4. Another annoyed dentist says:

    Yeah I did read that post. It makes sense to me as someone who excelled in chemistry and physics in college. To lay people, I can understand how all of this is just jarbled and confusing. Its too much info for a ly person to process. I think thats the whole intention behind the govt…confuse and jarble and twist things so much that its too much of a headache for people and they just give up and stop thinking.

    One of my relatives took a covid test one day and then took another covid test the dag afyer that. The first test came back negative but the second came back positive. A few fays later they took another test and it came back negative. LoL! What the heck how incredibly confusing for lay people. If you are sick enough, you know it. Theyre taking this asymptomatic spread thing wayyy too far. Scientific stufies say the chance of asymptomatic spread of a respirstory virus is minimal compated to symptomatic spread. Also we dont use this same reasoning with any other diseass. We dont tell people they cant have intimate relationships based on the *possibility* they might have a disease and not know it. Theres a miniscule chance every dentist in the US *might* have came in contact with HIV every single day. They dont tell us we cant be married bc of that small, unlikely, but still possible chance of contracting a blood-borne disease. We dont apply their “covid reasoning” to any other disease. 9,000 people die of food poisoning every year in the US. Should we ban lettuce forever bc of that???? Someone was also saying that ERs typically run at almost full capacity bc to make a profit and its been like that for decades. Just like a dental office trying to run at full capacity to stay float.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      theres a miniscule chance every dentist in the US *might* have came in contact with HIV every single day. They dont tell us we cant be married bc of that small, unlikely, but still possible chance of contracting a blood-borne disease.

      Yeah… we should be tested for HIV before being allowed to get married… or even go on a date, eh?

  5. Mike,, can you post my comment ?? steve I gotta get off this computer and read a book.

  6. whoops the one on MeWe , it should me under your post somewhere , I only saw two on MeWe.

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