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Dad’s New Smile – Done!

Last September, I wrote about “Life Changing Dentistry,” showcasing the planning and treatment of my dad’s decimated dentition.  While that article included the details of treatment, this one is simply a follow up with lots of before & after photos. … Continue reading

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Which Gun Should I Get?

Choosing A Self-defense Gun I get emails and private messages on Facebook nearly every week asking, “Which gun should I get?”  So, this is a blog article that’s been in progress for quite a while.  I finally got around to … Continue reading

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You Can’t Handle the Truth (about “insurance”)

Perhaps it’s coincidental that I got an email from a prospective patient through my website on the same day a friend posted this video, “Jack Nicholson on Dental Insurance” (below) on Facebook. First… the email:   Well I am looking … Continue reading

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A Husband & Father Without a Gun?

I don’t often link to other blog articles.  And, this may be the first time I’ve linked to a non-dental blog article.  But, I found this article SO riveting and compelling.  It’s a bit of a long read, but it … Continue reading

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