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Mac vs. PC?

I’ve battled it out on that “debate” many times with the Mac fanbois.  But, never mind what I think.  Instead, check out what Dr. Larry Emmott’s son (?), Andrew Emmott, has to say about it on the Emmott on Technology … Continue reading

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Marketing by Insulting Your Prospects?

Sometimes material is just handed to you.  Today, I got another email solicitation to help me with my internet marketing.  I’m going to post it without blurring out the names of the “innocent.”  It deserves to be shared in all … Continue reading

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The Intricacies of Armed Self-Defense

I just came across this very interesting and excellent article about the legal maze of armed self-defense: Hot Bullets, Cold Truth – How to prepare for the investigators, lawyers, revenge seekers and media hounds after shooting an attacker in self-defense <—Link … Continue reading

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