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The Dental Warrior Is Among Infusionsoft’s Top 50 Blog Picks! was chosen (by Infusionsoft a big marketing firm for small businesses) to be among the Top 50 Small Business blogs to watch!  Very cool!  I’m at the top of the “Service Pros” category in the 2nd section (red) of … Continue reading

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The Police Will NOT (necessarily) Save You

Many people conduct their lives under the DELUSION that they will be kept “safe” by law enforcement personnel.  They incorrectly believe that the police will save them in the event they are in trouble.  Worse, they think it’s the JOB … Continue reading

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Surviving is a Science

With today’s bad news coming at the speed of internet, we hear a lot more about tragic accidents, acts of violence, and natural disasters.  While it may seem that these incidents are increasing in frequency (due to increased media coverage), … Continue reading

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Don’t Show Them HOW We Make the Sausage!

There’s a saying:  “Everyone likes sausage, but nobody wants to see how it’s made.” We dentists are technically very highly-trained.  And, we love to show our talents off to our colleagues… and our patients.  The latter can be a mistake, … Continue reading

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I’ll Say It Again. Listen Carefully! Content Is King!

How to get to #1 on Google in 2 days – no kidding! When it comes to Google search results supremacy, it seems everyone is looking for a gimmick… a way to game the system… tricking Google into listing their … Continue reading

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Another Silly Cold Caller – by Email

I just got an email today from a firm that does SEO for dental websites. Dear Dr. Mike, Kindly take thirty seconds to pull up Google and search for a Dentist in (my town). Do you see how Dr. Mike XXXXX, … Continue reading

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Treachery. Trickery. Subterfuge. Solicitors will do anything.

I expect that all of us have had solicitors call our offices and trick the front desk into putting the call through to us (the doctor).  They’ll say just about anything… even claiming to be the doctor’s personal friend.  I’ve … Continue reading

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