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Git Ya Some Trainin’

My first shots ever were around age 12 at summer camp (with a .22 rifle).  In high school, I shot a few friends’ guns and bought my own shotgun (later lost in a house fire).  “Practice” was infrequent plinking on … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Spit. We’ve Got Class…

…New York dentists kick Florida ass! Or so it would seem, if you look at this ad.  My hygienist clipped this from the newspaper over the weekend and brought it in.  See the full ad below (after the jump). The … Continue reading

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You Lost Me at Hello. Red Flags.

With 26 years of practice under my belt, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is when to NOT treat a patient.  Just ten days ago, I blogged about a very nice new patient:  You Had Me at Hello.  … Continue reading

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“I’m on the beach, and my crown came out.”

I’ve said it a thousand times, if I’ve said it once.  The smartest thing I ever did, business-wise, was to create a well-optimized and well-written website. Today, at the end of the day, we got a call at the office.  … Continue reading

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Have Gun. Will Travel.

Doc With a Glock My sister, the pediatrician, just asked me about traveling with her gun.  She has a license to carry concealed in her home state, and she’s traveling by air to another state that recognizes her license.  I’m … Continue reading

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