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Rapture Is Over… Stand By for the Zombie Apocalypse!

Last night at around 6 pm, I experienced “Rapturus Interuptus.”  For a minute, I felt myself levitating, but then realized that it was just Criss Angel playing a joke on me. 😉  So, I guess I’ll have to go to … Continue reading

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Shit Happens. Then Shit Happens Again.

Shit Happens Last September a new patient came to my office via my website.  She was dancing and shit happened.  She broke half of tooth #8 off.  I had recently bought Ultradent’s “big crayon” Vit-L-Essence composite kit but had not … Continue reading

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Check Those BPs!

Dentists Saving Lives In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had 3 patients needing extractions.  All three patients looked healthy enough.  But, their health histories indicated they were on medication for high blood pressure. I routinely take BPs before doing any … Continue reading

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V-Rings Mean Rock Solid Posterior Composite Contacts

As our profession has evolved from amalgam to composite for posterior direct restorations, one of the biggest clinical challenges has been creating consistently good proximal contacts.  A number of gizmos have come through the marketplace promising to solve this vexing … Continue reading

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