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Super-cool Intra-oral Photo Sharing With Patients

I’ve been meaning to get this set up in my office and then sharing the idea with you for quite some time.  FINALLY, I got around to doing it… the way I wanted to do it.  For most of my … Continue reading

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Check those BPs! (redux)

This will be one of my more brief blog posts. Last May I wrote about the discovery of malignant hypertension in three patients who presented for tooth extractions.  All of them had systolics over 200 and diastolics over 120!  Yeeeeee-ikes!  … Continue reading

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Everyone Should Have a .22-LR in Their Collection

I am often asked, “Which gun should I get?”  And, it’s a nearly impossible question to answer with a singular recommendation.  However, I will have an article in the near future expounding on the factors one should consider.  The short … Continue reading

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Seeing Teeth Better and Seeing the Light!

Designs for Vision – Dental Magnification Review I’m not sure when I started using magnification in dentistry, but I estimate it’s been about 17 years.  I started with some 2.5x telescopes from Orascoptic.  They are technically and properly termed telescopes, … Continue reading

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Looking for the “Best Dentist” (on my plan)

I just got an email inquiry through my website.  Here’s a copy of the email: ———————————————————————- HowDidYouHearAboutUs: Web search. DoYouHaveADentistNow: No. AreYouHappyWithYourSmile: No.  I would like to improve my smile. DidYouFindThisSiteInformative: Yes!  Very informative! WouldYouRecommendThisSite: Yes! Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2013 The Dental Warrior®

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Teach Your Children Well – over and over

Stranger Danger Last September, I blogged about teaching your children about gun safety, even if you don’t have one at home.  They may encounter one at a friend’s house or even discarded in a park playground by a criminal. Yesterday … Continue reading

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You Can’t Fix Stupid (patients)

This is my ONE-HUNDREDTH blog post! Now on to your regularly scheduled program… I’m a blunt guy.  You’ll never be left wondering if what I say is congruent with what I think.  Surely some will think I’m being politically incorrect … Continue reading

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A day at the range – video

Last Sunday, I met my friend and dental school classmate, Carl, for a day at the range. Our goals included shooting a lot of different guns and sighting in the precision rifle Carl custom-built for me. The video starts with … Continue reading

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Feline vs. Human Dental Fees

About 2 years ago, my office staff found a tiny kitten huddled outside the front door to my office.  As it turns out, he was about 5 weeks old, but he weighed 1.3 pounds.  My staff suggested I should do … Continue reading

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