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Case Presentation: Implant Impression for Contoured Soft Tissues

This is a continuation of this case – A single central incisor implant. The patient returned for the final impression after two months of healing.  Since the provisional maintained the soft tissue profile, there was a lot of space around … Continue reading

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3M ESPE’s Disposable Intra-oral Impression Syringe – Product Review

I’m Back in Black… “I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back”…. back to the business of being a Dental Warrior!  (Pardon the AC/DC reference.)  I’ve been busy catching up on a variety of things after a week off … Continue reading

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Picasso Lite – It’s time to pull the trigger on a diode laser!

For a long time, I simply refused to pay the tremendous price for a diode laser.  I did see a use for it in my practice.  But the relatively limited uses (soft tissue procedures) didn’t justify the huge cost.   I … Continue reading

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Optragate for Full Arch Prep & Impression

I love things that make my dental life easier.  The Optragate by Ivoclar is one of them.   What is it?  It’s sort of like a rubber dam with a big opening in the middle and a built-in flexible frame.  It … Continue reading

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Crown prep and build-up tip!

This is just a quick tip that can speed up your crown prep appointments. Most crown preps involve teeth that already have large amalgams.  Personally, I take out all old restorative materials, clean up the tooth, and do a build-up.  … Continue reading

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