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Roll the Bones – Tell Insurance Companies to FOAD

The following is from a thread on Dentaltown.  It has been suggested that dentists should file a class action lawsuit against dental insurance companies for “coercing them into accepting low fees or reimbursement.”  In the thread, several dentists share their … Continue reading

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Dental Marketing Shouldn’t Scare Children (nor the child within)

This is hot off the presses.  The story is a dentist put up a billboard ad across from a daycare.  The ad photos reportedly frightened the children at that daycare.  And, while it may seem obvious why the images might … Continue reading

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I Suck at Unselling Treatment!

Today a long-time patient (whose appearances in my practice are not consistent) came in for a consult.  She lost several teeth that were supporting a fixed bridge (#18 – 21).  She had a consult with an oral surgeon about implants.  … Continue reading

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