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Picasso Lite – It’s time to pull the trigger on a diode laser!

For a long time, I simply refused to pay the tremendous price for a diode laser.  I did see a use for it in my practice.  But the relatively limited uses (soft tissue procedures) didn’t justify the huge cost.   I … Continue reading

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Today’s Special Delivery & Website Marketing

Big Case Patients Google for the Right Dentist A new patient came to my office for a cosmetic consultation last May (2010).  She was looking for just the right dentist.  And, she had been doing a LOT of research online.  … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Dental Warrior

A relatively slow day today…. Today, I had a patient return to my practice after leaving back in 2008. She said, “I foolishly looked at just the money and went to another office. That was a big mistake.” I won’t … Continue reading

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Optragate for Full Arch Prep & Impression

I love things that make my dental life easier.  The Optragate by Ivoclar is one of them.   What is it?  It’s sort of like a rubber dam with a big opening in the middle and a built-in flexible frame.  It … Continue reading

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Save Your Own Life with Situational Awareness

This is my first blog post outside of dental topics and related to your personal security.  It’s another topic I’m passionate about, and this post will be a bit long. In today’s economic environment, crime seems to be on the … Continue reading

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Win the Isolation Battle with Isolite!

More and more we’re all doing adhesive composite restorations.  And, we know that any sort of moisture contamination spells disaster.  So, between you and your assistant, you’ve got only four arms and hands to prep and restore teeth while simultaneously … Continue reading

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Crown prep and build-up tip!

This is just a quick tip that can speed up your crown prep appointments. Most crown preps involve teeth that already have large amalgams.  Personally, I take out all old restorative materials, clean up the tooth, and do a build-up.  … Continue reading

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DDS GP – Be a Treatment Presentation Ninja!

OK… Here’s my first Dental Warrior product review!  I hope you like it! Over my 22 years in dentistry, I’ve come across all sorts of patient education tools.  Our biggest challenge as dentists is getting patients to WANT what they … Continue reading

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