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Go tribal with your website marketing!

Over the years (since 1999), I’ve gradually added to my website.  After 22 years, I’ve got over 50 pages on my site. Something I’ve constantly advocated (to other dentists) is to avoid “catch-all” web pages on your website.  For example:  … Continue reading

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My New Website Design by New Patients Inc – A Review

This article is a bit long.  However, I urge you to read it.  Today, your website represents your practice to the world.  Accordingly, the decision to have a website and choosing the right marketing firm to help you create it … Continue reading

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Are You A Dentist or THE Dentist?

Seems like a strange question at best and an ego-driven rhetorical question at worst, right? Mandelbaum!  Mandelbaum!  Mandelbaum! “So, you think you’re better than me?” I couldn’t help working in a Seinfeld reference! What do I mean by the title … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of the Day

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  This will be a quick and dirty blog article.  No pictures.  No fancy editing.  Just what happened this week and what I’m thinking.  GO! Thought #1: It all started with a seminar… Last … Continue reading

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Go Ahead. Make My Day!

I know what you’re thinking, punk.  You’re thinking “did he give me two carpules of anesthetic or only one?”  Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement.  But being this is a Kavo electric high … Continue reading

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Don’t Show Them HOW We Make the Sausage!

There’s a saying:  “Everyone likes sausage, but nobody wants to see how it’s made.” We dentists are technically very highly-trained.  And, we love to show our talents off to our colleagues… and our patients.  The latter can be a mistake, … Continue reading

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I’ll Say It Again. Listen Carefully! Content Is King!

How to get to #1 on Google in 2 days – no kidding! When it comes to Google search results supremacy, it seems everyone is looking for a gimmick… a way to game the system… tricking Google into listing their … Continue reading

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Another Silly Cold Caller – by Email

I just got an email today from a firm that does SEO for dental websites. Dear Dr. Mike, Kindly take thirty seconds to pull up Google and search for a Dentist in (my town). Do you see how Dr. Mike XXXXX, … Continue reading

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Dissecting a Micro-Site

Just for fun, I was ego-surfing on the search engine, Bing.com.  I am a die-hard Google fan.  But, I wanted to check it out and see how my website performs on Bing.  Admittedly, I have made absolutely no effort to … Continue reading

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Out of the Mouths of Patients – Website Feedback

Yesterday, I had a new patient.  She was a very nice young woman, 22 years old, who is both an LPN (nurse) and college student.  It had been a year since she’d seen a dentist.  She didn’t have any treatment … Continue reading

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