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A Family That Shoots Together, Shoots Tight Groups Together!

I’ve taken my family shooting several times over the years.  My wife and son can “take it or leave it.”  They’re content with one or two trips to the range per year to confirm their competency.  And, they are competent … Continue reading

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Newbie Shooters! So Much Fun!

One of the things I enjoy most about gun ownership is taking a “newbie” to the range for the first time.  Sharing the experience is a big part of the fun for me. There are a LOT of misconceptions and … Continue reading

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Everyone Should Have a .22-LR in Their Collection

I am often asked, “Which gun should I get?”  And, it’s a nearly impossible question to answer with a singular recommendation.  However, I will have an article in the near future expounding on the factors one should consider.  The short … Continue reading

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