A day at the range – video

Last Sunday, I met my friend and dental school classmate, Carl, for a day at the range.

Our goals included shooting a lot of different guns and sighting in the precision rifle Carl custom-built for me.

The video starts with various clips of Carl and me shooting a variety of guns at a “plinking” range, including:

  • M-14
  • SCAR-16S
  • FS2000
  • Chiappa Rhino (snubbie)
  • FNP-45 Tactical
  • S&W 642

Then we went to the 300-yard range to sight in the precision rifle.  I added a new scope and bipod to the AR-15.  Ammo used was Federal’s premium Gold Medal Match 77-grain Sierra Matchking bullets.  Once we got the scope zeroed, I was hitting the x-ring pretty consistently.

After we got the scope zeroed, Carl set up some “bad guy” honeydew melons as targets.  I think you’ll enjoy the results, including video from the “melon-cam.”  The video runs a bit long, but the slow-motion melon hits are worth it!  😀  (Or you can skip ahead to 7:14 to see the “melon cam” footage.)

You can watch the video embedded below, or directly on Youtube.

A few “extra” bits of the same range visit:

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3 Responses to A day at the range – video

  1. Michael says:

    No FN 5.7 at the range 🙁

    I got my FFL yesterday. Need to get signed up with the FBI for background checks. Then set up with the wholesalers and I will be good to go.

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