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Super-cool Intra-oral Photo Sharing With Patients

I’ve been meaning to get this set up in my office and then sharing the idea with you for quite some time.  FINALLY, I got around to doing it… the way I wanted to do it.  For most of my … Continue reading

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“Work, work, work… Hello Boys…”

OK… now back to our regularly programmed dental talk… Work, work, work… Any fans of “Blazing Saddles” by Mel Brooks?  It’s probably one of the most quotable movies ever made.  It’s also likely the most politically-incorrect movie.  But, I enjoy … Continue reading

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Dentistry Is Never “Simple.”

Moments ago I was reminded of this seemingly trivial matter in a thread on Dentaltown.com.  I’ve brought it up over the years here and there on Dentaltown.  So, I thought I would write up a quick post about it on … Continue reading

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Another “Dentists Are Ripping You Off” Article

Beware!  Dentists Are Ripping You Off! On Dentaltown.com, there is a thread about this news story on Yahoo.com.  You can read it by clicking here.  The article is not as bad as I expected.  It encourages patients to ask questions, … Continue reading

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Patients Are People, Too!

This week I saw a new patient.  His wife found me with an internet search.  He had been seeing another dentist down the street from me for a while.  But, he kept complaining to his wife that he didn’t like … Continue reading

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DDS GP – Be a Treatment Presentation Ninja!

OK… Here’s my first Dental Warrior product review!  I hope you like it! Over my 22 years in dentistry, I’ve come across all sorts of patient education tools.  Our biggest challenge as dentists is getting patients to WANT what they … Continue reading

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