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A Day in the Florida Outdoors, Exercising Our American Rights

Take a day off!  Do something you enjoy but don’t do enough. I took the day off from the practice and had a play date yesterday with my patient and friend on his private gun range.  This is WAY out … Continue reading

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Everyone Should Have a .22-LR in Their Collection

I am often asked, “Which gun should I get?”  And, it’s a nearly impossible question to answer with a singular recommendation.  However, I will have an article in the near future expounding on the factors one should consider.  The short … Continue reading

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A day at the range – video

Last Sunday, I met my friend and dental school classmate, Carl, for a day at the range. Our goals included shooting a lot of different guns and sighting in the precision rifle Carl custom-built for me. The video starts with … Continue reading

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