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Join the Dark (Insurance) Side, or not?

Those who know me, know that I’ve been “insurance-free” for my whole career.  My practice has been truly FFS (fee for service) for its entire history.  I can tell you, that it has NOT been easy.  But, when I observed … Continue reading

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Roll the Bones – Tell Insurance Companies to FOAD

The following is from a thread on Dentaltown.  It has been suggested that dentists should file a class action lawsuit against dental insurance companies for “coercing them into accepting low fees or reimbursement.”  In the thread, several dentists share their … Continue reading

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Another Delta Dental State Bites the Dust!

Last April I ranted… I mean blogged… about the 15% cut in fees by the state of Washington’s Delta Dental plan.  In it I said Washington was the beach head of this war.  I predicted that other states would follow … Continue reading

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Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead, Washington Dentists!

Disclaimer:  The following blog post is my opinion only.  None of it is to be construed as irrefutable fact.  Do your own research.  Run your own math.  Consult your attorney or your dog.  Make your own decisions. There has been … Continue reading

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