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Tokuyama Rebase II Review

I don’t deal with a lot of removable prosthetics.  But, I do see some.  And, anything that makes that part of my practice easier and better is a good thing.

Denture relines have always been a bit of a hassle.  For the best results, I’ve traditionally taken an impression and sent the case to the lab.  The patient would have to go a day without his or her denture.  But, the result was usually quite good, as the reline is processed under heat and pressure.  However, patients REALLY don’t like going without their dentures.

Several years ago, I had a patient with very loose old upper denture, and she NEEDED a reline. She had been married for 25 years, and her husband did not know she wore a denture.  Nevertheless, she consented to giving up her denture for a day and said, “I guess he’ll finally find out.” Of course, when she returned I had to know what happened at home.  She said he was so shocked that she had to find a way to interject some humor into the situation.  With his jaw agape, she told him, “That’s nothing!  Wait ’till I unscrew my leg!”  🙂

Chairside Relines Used to Be Yucky!

This is the good stuff!

In the past, chairside reline materials left out a lot to be desired.  It was messy.  It was smelly.  It stung the tissues.  It tasted bad.  It was very exothermic and could even burn the soft tissues.  And, the result was always less than satisfactory.  The old chairside reline materials tended to delaminate and stain, too.  Basically, they sucked.  But, they were better than nothing for those patients who simply would not relinquish their dentures for any amount of time.

Even the Label is in Japanese

Tokuyama Rebase II is a hard reline material.

One one of the dental forums, I had heard about this Japanese chairside hard reline material.   It’s called Tokuyama Rebase II.  It’s a powder and liquid that you mix together.  When combined, it produces a creamy resin that flows where you want it but stays put, as well.  It has no smell.   It doesn’t sting.  It doesn’t burn.  It has no taste.  It’s really amazing stuff.  And, it STICKS to the old acrylic.  In fact, you have to be careful not to drip it on your dental unit (plastic cover), because it won’t come off!  You’ll have to grind it off.  Ask me how I know.


Tokuyama produces a dense, void-free reline.

You Can Be a Japanese Superhero!

Patients don’t complain like they used to with traditional acrylic chairside reline materials.  This stuff is a pleasure to work with.  And, the resulting reline is very homogenous, dense, and blends in nicely with the old denture acrylic.  And, the fit is exquisite!  I promise you’ll be impressed.

Having the right tools and dental “weapons” can save the day and create very happy patients.  All you Dental Warriors should seriously consider giving Tokuyama’s Chairside Reline Material a try.  It’s not cheap.  But, it’s not crazy expensive, either.  Schein lists it at $104 for the complete kit.  And, you’ll get a bunch of relines out of it.  Get the FAST SET version.  It still gives you plenty of working time.  I’m telling you it’s nothing like you’ve ever tried before.  It’s so good, I don’t do lab relines anymore.

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20 Responses to Chairside Denture Reline Magic!

  1. ryan says:

    I thought you said on dentaltown that you do a ton of dentures. Heh?

  2. ryan says:

    evil twin, mike snarr

  3. 100% agree with you on this product and have every one of my customers using this now for years Mike!


  4. SpikeDDS says:

    So is this more like a hard reline material, Mike?

  5. jeff says:

    Have you tried their chairside “soft”reline product: Sofreliner??

  6. Bill Phiffer says:

    I have purchased Rite-Line, a Chairside Reline Material I think, from a company in Florida. I think it was an engineering company. I need to order more but I seem to have misplaced the information. The material is like the old Denturite reline material. Can you help me locate the company?

    Please answer to my email address as I may not be able to locate this link again.

    Thank you.

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  8. Susan says:

    Hey dental warrior..ive also tried and looked into that Japanese reline material. I also got that link for reliner. Ive used that one and its pretty good. I also like Kooliner Kooliner from GC America..its proven and works well for me.


  9. lois riffle says:

    do you know why they stopped making cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive made by merck &co?.i thought maybe because it was a good product that the dental association paid them off for not making it

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      LOL! Yeah… no. Never heard of the product. But, you can be sure there is no conspiracy by the dental association. The ADA doesn’t have anything to gain by doing such a silly thing (nor would they have the financial wherewithal if they wanted to).

  10. Stephanie G says:

    Been one solid year now since I’ve been using this stuff as per your suggestion, and I realized I never came on your site to thank you. This stuff has been an amazing multi-tasker and an absolute bang for the buck considering how far it goes. Even got my Dad (a denture master, class of ’85 grad) to fall in love with it. Dad is old school and a true vocationalist when it comes to practicing, so to have him branch out is a pretty big compliment. Thank you, Mike, from two generations of dentists!

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