Videos Will Rock Your Web Marketing World

I’ve dabbled in the use of videos in my website marketing.  And, I’ve been planning on ramping it up.  Like many projects and plans, this effort had fallen victim to my chronic procrastination.  One reason / excuse was that (until very recently) I never found video editing software that I liked.  I’ve tried a variety, ending up still slightly frustrated with Adobe’s Premiere Elements.  I was forced into Premiere Elements when I bought a new computer, and Microsoft eliminated “Movie Maker” from Windows 7.  I actually liked Movie Maker for its simplicity.  But, I found Premiere Elements cumbersome and not intuitive at all.

Fast forward to present day.  I was looking for a screencasting software (records what you do on a computer screen) and decided to try Techsmith’s “Camtasia Studio.”  I also found it’s a great video editor.  It’s VERY easy to use.  Techsmith has a great series of short tutorial videos.  In a few minutes, you’re off and running.

I’ve had some raw patient testimonial videos waiting in the wings for quite a while.  So, tonight I finally turned one into a consumer-friendly video.  I shot the video with a Flip Camera.  This was hand-held, but I will shoot future patient testimonials with a tripod for a steadier image.  With no further ado, here it is.

All Dental Warriors should arm themselves with a video camera and editing software.  Then get to work asking patients to give impromptu video testimonials.  Nothing fancy.  No rehearsing.  Just ask them questions and let them talk.  Keeping it real = credibility.

One more thing… and this is BIG!  Google LOVES videos.  Google indexes new videos, literally, in SECONDS.  I mean right after I upload the video, Google finds it.  And, Google ranks relevant videos highly.

PS… Here’s one more video I just produced.  Still learning and playing around with effects.  But, I do like this software.  It’s very easy to use!

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6 Responses to Videos Will Rock Your Web Marketing World

  1. Wow – what a beautiful smile! Nothing fancy, no rehearsing – love it! Its’ real!


  2. Edward Barragan says:

    Great videos, keeping it real is so important for me. There is to much overly produced stuff out there.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks, Edward. Dentists have a tendency to get caught up in looking highly produced with all marketing. I think the consumer trend is the opposite way. People want REAL. They reject what looks fake or produced. That’s why I advise everyone to use their own photography of their own cases (rather than stock photos). Consumers are smart. And, they recognize “store-bought” images.

      The same goes for video, in my opinion. Today’s consumers resonate with images or examples that they can relate to. “She’s just like me.”

  3. Video marketing is so great and effective as it’s so genuine and you don’t have to do any fancy work. Just tag the videos for your keywords, and if you’ve got a great circulating video, make sure it’s included in your Google Places listing. Great info and great points!

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