Another “Dentists Are Ripping You Off” Article

Beware!  Dentists Are Ripping You Off!

On, there is a thread about this news story on  You can read it by clicking here.  The article is not as bad as I expected.  It encourages patients to ask questions, which of course is all well and good.  It also explains that dentists charge a wide range of fees.   Different dentists charge different fees.  Big surprise!  Imagine that!  I have to wonder if they have also pondered why different attorneys, accountants, architects, and financial advisers don’t all charge the same fees?  So, the article encourages readers to ask their dentists to justify their higher fees.  Fine by me.  I’m one of those “expensive dentists.”

But, you may want to spend some time reading the comments after the article.  They are essentially “Doug & Wendy Whiner” (SNL skit – see below) commiserating about their bad experiences at the hands of the ubiquitous evil dentist.

Naturally, on the Dentaltown thread, many dentists recoil at those comments, defend our noble profession, and just simply press on in our quest to alleviate dental disease around the world.  Some acknowledge that we can’t save everyone.  We can’t care more about our patients than they care for themselves.  Accordingly, we should probably not waste much energy or emotion on those people who see us as predators.

One particular dentist, “Dr. S.,” on Dentaltown summed it up most eloquently:  “Dentistry is the only part of health care where simply brushing and flossing every day can keep you away from us horrible dentists. If you don’t, we get to screw you. Live with it!” That made me laugh out loud.  It may come across as crass, but reading it and thinking it can be cathartic, too.  That’s not a bad thing, given the daily stresses we go through.

Just a few minutes ago, I spent an inordinate amount of time restoring just two teeth.  The patient was an 87 year old lady who recently finished chemotherapy for cancer.  She has circumferential cervical decay on every tooth.  So, I’m doing direct restorations trying to just put the fires out and keep her comfortable.  No doubt, I did not make any money from her.  But, I helped an old lady… and gave her family who all live out of town some peace of mind.  So, reading the quote from “Dr. S.” after reading that article is cathartic if not comic relief.  Screw those unhappy Yahoos commenting on the Yahoo article!  🙂  By and large, dentists are GOOD PEOPLE who are driven by a noble quest to relieve people of dental disease.  Say it out loud, Dental Warriors!  Feels good!

PS:  Update… Click here to see what the same author wrote as a follow up!

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9 Responses to Another “Dentists Are Ripping You Off” Article

  1. Lisa Rager says:

    I read this article today as well and was also glad that is wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Encouraging patients to ask questions is always a good thing…if a patient wants to go to the cheapest dentist in town who is in network with his dentist he needs to know he may be getting what he is paying for…Thanks for sharing this quote: “Dentistry is the only part of health care where simply brushing and flossing every day can keep you away from us horrible dentists. If you don’t, we get to screw you. Live with it!” You made my day! I appreciate you Dr. Mike

  2. Al Mendez says:

    Well put. I remember being told years ago, that no matter what you charge for a procedure there will always be someone out there that will complaint that it too expensive. No need to justify your fees. If you can provide a service that is provided by relatively few people, charge a “fair” fee AND can sleep at night, more power to you!!
    Thanks for this post!!

  3. There are people in every profession that “rip people off”….a few people like this can give a whole industry a bad name.

    Do you have that perception ofthe dntal supply guy? Or do some of us add value to what we do (and still guarantee the best price). Will you pay a huge price for something that you highly value and others would never spend that amount of money?

    The Yahoo article – and your article Mike, points out so nicely that for some the price is not as important as the service, its’ likely an indicaiton of how much they value their…..


    Warren B
    Success in Dentistry and Life.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      I’ve had good experiences with dental sales reps, Warren. But, I think it’s a matter of the “law of attraction.” I’m sure there are bad reps out there. But, mine have all been fantastic. “Birds of a feather,” as they say. 🙂

  4. HanH Tran says:

    What I found to be humorous is that there will always be a group of individuals (regardless of their walks of life) griping about the the service providers ripping them off or over charging them; they are the very same group of individuals that cuts corners with everything they do, to maintain their margin of profit, and with of the mindset that their expertise are of higher demand and are of more value then everyone else.

    Send them on their way so that they can find the services that would met their perception and thank them for saving you time and grieves.

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