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Townie Meeting 2012 – Epilogue

The 2012 Townie Meeting in Las Vegas is done.  I left a bit early having to skip out some of Dr. Marvin Berlin’s excellent presentation.  Marvin Berlin knows the business of dentistry “like nobody’s business!”  🙂  I hated to leave.  … Continue reading

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Townie Meeting 2012 – I’m here!

Just arrived at the Cosmopolitan Hotel / Casino, the newest casino in Las Vegas.  Wow!  Pretty swanky!  My room is big enough to have a party with a dance floor.  No kidding.  Very nice. The Townie Meeting is one of … Continue reading

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DentalTown / Townie Meeting – A Collective Dental Intelligence

Happy New Year!  And, this also marks the 1 year anniversary of my Dental Warrior blog. Many of you are already on Dentaltown, and you might skip this blog post.  Preachin’ to the choir, as they say.  If you’ve been … Continue reading

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Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead, Washington Dentists!

Disclaimer:  The following blog post is my opinion only.  None of it is to be construed as irrefutable fact.  Do your own research.  Run your own math.  Consult your attorney or your dog.  Make your own decisions. There has been … Continue reading

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Danger at the Front Desk!

What will you do when a violent person confronts your front desk? (The following is the author’s opinion and not intended to be legal advice.) On DentalTown.com, there is currently a thread discussing a situation where a patient became belligerent … Continue reading

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