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A “Simple” (but not easy!) Cosmetic Bonding Case

Taking a brief break from the Coronavirus hysteria (I’m not done!) to post some dentistry.  A friend just boldly posted on Facebook:  “Stay home. Close your business. Don’t go out. Live in fear….  No thanks!” Me, neither!  I did this … Continue reading

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And one last thing about the Corona hysteria…

I’ve stayed out of posting on social media like Facebook, though I’ve been lurking a bit.  It’s a good thing I’m staying out of the fray, as I’d likely make a lot of enemies by calling out people specifically. So, … Continue reading

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Bad News = Opportunity… Part 2

OK… So, by now most of us have witnessed the full-on panic in America.  It’s crazy.  If I’m honest, I will say that I don’t suffer fools well.  I admit that I am contemptuous of those who adopt the “herd … Continue reading

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Bad News = Opportunity

Coronavirus is all over the news.  The resulting unjustifiable panic is the real “pandemic.”  Perhaps we should call it “pande-MONIUM?” The news offers many opportunities to communicate with our patients with context that can be leveraged due to hyper media … Continue reading

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Walmart Dentistry – It’s for real!

I wrote about Walmart Dentistry a few years ago.  In the previous iteration of “Walmart Dentistry,” it was my understanding that it was a DSO renting space in a Walmart retail location. This time it’s different.  Walmart opened a new … Continue reading

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The Power of Photography (and a quick mock-up)

A quick blog post here.  A recently new patient has had some basic restorative treatment.  I asked him about his front chipped teeth.  The initial chips were caused by an accident when he was a kid.  He never had them … Continue reading

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Gold is still the Gold Standard!

Today, I had a patient scheduled for a crown on #3.  The tooth had a couple of deep occlusal amalgams with some darkly stained cracks on the marginal ridges.  Oh sure… we can debate, “to crown or not to crown” … Continue reading

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Today I Met a Real World War 2 Hero!

Today was just another regular day at the office.  I went out to lunch by myself at one of my usual places.  I sat in a booth, facing the front of the restaurant.  As I was finishing up my lunch, … Continue reading

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Neil Peart – Legendary Drummer Passed On

A Tribute to Neil Peart, the “Professor.” Earlier today, I watched some Rush and Neil Peart videos.  Then I dozed off on the couch for an afternoon nap.  I heard my phone text notification ding… and then ding again… and … Continue reading

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A Family That Shoots Together, Shoots Tight Groups Together!

I’ve taken my family shooting several times over the years.  My wife and son can “take it or leave it.”  They’re content with one or two trips to the range per year to confirm their competency.  And, they are competent … Continue reading

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