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Published in April Issue of Dentaltown Magazine!

I was asked to write an article for Dentaltown Magazine that answered the question: “What does the model for dentistry look like in 25 years? 50 years?  Will corporate dentistry chains have taken over dentistry like Walgreens and CVS did … Continue reading

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Is There No Such Thing as Bad PR?

5″ x 5″ ad in the Saturday issue of the local paper: $500. Yellow Pages ad (worthless): $500 – $5000 / month. SEO for your website: $200 – $2000 / month. John Lennon’s tooth: $30,000.  (no kidding) Exposure in Rolling … Continue reading

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Someone Else’s Content = Your Website Sucks

The vast majority of dental websites have content that is provided, in its entirety, by the website designer.  Most dentists hire someone to build their websites.  That’s OK!  It’s even SMART!  But, they also delegate ALL the content to the … Continue reading

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Everything Is “PR.”

You just never know how patients will find you. Certainly, there’s word of mouth.  But, have you ever had a patient say, “Someone recommended you, but I can’t remember his name?”  Nonetheless, I’m always glad to get the referral! A great … Continue reading

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Ya Gotta Know When to Hold’em… Know When to Turf’em…

It’s a dentist!  It’s a plane!  It’s SUPER-GENERALIST! I started my practice by leasing space in an existing general dental office.  My “landlord” was an accomplished and successful dentist.  He told me, “You’ve got to be a ‘SUPER-GENERALIST.’”  By that, … Continue reading

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Radio Interview with Shirley Gutkowski, RDH

Recently, Dental Hygienist Extraordinaire Shirley Gutkowski asked me to be on her online podcast about hobbies.  You might guess what we talked about.  It was a lot of fun chatting with Shirley about gun ownership, recreational shooting, and gun safety.  … Continue reading

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We Are Americans. And, We ARE the Best.

I’m in LOVE…. with CADILLAC (and the dude in the ad)!  As a car guy… well…  Cadillacs just have never been “my thing.”  But, I’d buy one JUST because of this ad that ran during the Olympics last night.  This … Continue reading

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Kids & Guns (20/20 special feature)

ABC’s Diane Sawyer Presents “Young Guns” Last night, ABC’s “20/20″ ran a full-hour special (with Diane Sawyer) titled, “Young Guns.”  The premise of the show was that kids, even when they are “educated” about guns, will not follow the safety rules … Continue reading

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“But, I don’t have insurance.”

Today a 2o year-old came in as a new patient (husband and 8 month old baby in tow).  She found me via my website and also cited my “good reviews.”  Her chief complaint was a broken down tooth with a … Continue reading

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The ADA… Is Watching Me… They See My Every Move

With a hat tip to Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes.” Today was an interesting day.  I had two new patients that came to me via my website.  I always ask how they found me, my site, and why they chose … Continue reading

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