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Facebook Advertising – Is it all that?

Social media is all the rage today…. and for many good reasons.  Overall, I think social media can be an important and effective piece of the marketing puzzle.  You should definitely be dipping your feet in the social media pool.  … Continue reading

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Today is an installation of the “mutual admiration society.” 🙂  My friend, Dr. Chip Payet, is a dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We’ve known each other for many years since meeting on DentalTown.com.  Chip is what I call an “entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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This Woman Is on Every Dental Website!

If it wasn’t for my website, I’d be living under a bridge!  Many of you have heard me make this comment before.  While it’s a bit of an exaggeration, my point is that my dental practice website is the lifeblood … Continue reading

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Google Rocks (Adwords vs. Places vs. Organic)!

Had a walk-in patient this morning.  Well… not exactly a walk-in.  He is a transient cable technician who roams around the country doing work for cable TV companies.  He had an old bonding break off his central incisor last night.  … Continue reading

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On Pricing Power – by Seth Godin

Seth Godin has long been one of my favorite marketing authors.  I’ve subscribed to his blog for quite a long time.  And, I’ve read most of his books.  I highly recommend them for my fellow Dental Warriors. Godin talks about … Continue reading

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Marketing Summit by New Patients Inc.

To win any battle, you first need good “military intelligence.”  Now…  jokes about oxymorons aside…  I am always gathering intelligence in my efforts to grow my practice.  And, in this economy good intelligence is VITAL.  Last weekend I attended the … Continue reading

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