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Don’t Show Them HOW We Make the Sausage!

There’s a saying:  “Everyone likes sausage, but nobody wants to see how it’s made.” We dentists are technically very highly-trained.  And, we love to show our talents off to our colleagues… and our patients.  The latter can be a mistake, … Continue reading

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Dissecting a Micro-Site

Just for fun, I was ego-surfing on the search engine, Bing.com.  I am a die-hard Google fan.  But, I wanted to check it out and see how my website performs on Bing.  Admittedly, I have made absolutely no effort to … Continue reading

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Content IS King in Websites – It’s not just me!

I don’t often link to other articles in my blog.  But, my friend, Gary Takacs has made an appearance of sorts on the Forbes website in an article titled, “Design Doesn’t Matter? Website Strategies For The New Era Of SEO … Continue reading

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Get off yer butt, and get MOBILE!

Well, besides the fact that I DO need to get off my butt and start moving more (for my health), I’m not referring to exercise.  I’m talking about mobile websites. I suppose my impending suggestion (keep reading) to explore the … Continue reading

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Should You Register the “.XXX” (Porno) Domain?

.XXX Marks The DDS Spot I recently got an email from a certain website design company that caters to heath care practitioners.  It rhymes with “Sage Fun.”  I’m sure the email is well-intended, albeit self-serving (nothing wrong with that, really).  … Continue reading

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Google-proof Your Website

Caffeine, Places, Farmer, +1, and Pandas* – Oh my! *The code names of some of the recent Google algorithm projects (This is going to be a long one.  But, I promise it will be worth it!  Strap in!) If you’ve … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Your Bounce Rate… Right Here!

If you get into a discussion with other dentists about websites, you may hear, “My website is awesome.  My bounce rate is only 5%.”  (or some such ridiculously low number)  “What’s yours?”  Many dentists love to get into metaphoric dick-measuring … Continue reading

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How to get 2,300 website visitors in a single day!

Damn, damn, this traffic jam… This weekend, I was snooping around my Google Analytics to see how traffic to my websites was doing.  In the early days, I checked quite frequently.  But, most of my sites are on “auto-pilot” at … Continue reading

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Social Media Ads & Landing Pages

I’m still here (after nearly a week of not writing)!  I’ve got a long list of topics to write about here on TheDentalWarrior.com. But, I was inspired to write this based on a recent experience. I’ve been skeptical about the … Continue reading

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Facebook Advertising – Is it all that?

Social media is all the rage today…. and for many good reasons.  Overall, I think social media can be an important and effective piece of the marketing puzzle.  You should definitely be dipping your feet in the social media pool.  … Continue reading

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