Today is an installation of the “mutual admiration society.” 🙂  My friend, Dr. Chip Payet, is a dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We’ve known each other for many years since meeting on  Chip is what I call an “entrepreneurial dentist.”  He loves dentistry, and he’s always looking out for the latest and greatest.  He passionately embraces whatever is new and runs with it in true Dental Warrior style!

Chip has many areas of expertise, but one worth noting here is his knowledge of digital dental photography. my previous blog post, I talked about how powerful photography can be in marketing a dental practice.  Chip will tell you that I played a part in inspiring his pursuit of implementing photography in his practice.  But, I’ll tell you that he took that ball and ran it all the way to the goal line!  Chip doesn’t do anything “half-ass.”  He goes all the way.  And, in the process, he’s become a REAL expert on digital photography.  If you have any questions about equipment, settings, and implementation… he is “da man.”

Chip has created a digital dental photography blog that is chock-full of information about digital dental photography.  If you’re looking for a single “go to” source on all things digital photography… be sure to check it out.

Chip was also one of the first to buy my book, “The Complete Website Owner’s Manual for Dentists.”  And, in true Chip Payet fashion, he ran with the ball.  I mean he REALLY ran with it!  Chip tells the amazing story about his website marketing evolution in his blog post: He went from zero to website marketing HERO!  Be sure to read it!

I’m proud to count Dr. Chip Payet among my fellow Dental Warriors.

If you haven’t started taking photos in your practice, you must check out Chip’s indispensable resource.  If you have a camera, but haven’t really maximized it’s potential, you MUST visit Chip’s website!

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  1. Awwwwwwww, shucks. 🙂 Thanks, Mike! I like this “mutual admiration” stuff.

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