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To win any battle, you first need good “military intelligence.”  Now…  jokes about oxymorons aside…  I am always gathering intelligence in my efforts to grow my practice.  And, in this economy good intelligence is VITAL.  Last weekend I attended the 2-day Marketing Summit put on by New Patients, Inc. (NPI) in Orlando, Florida.

I’ve known the folks at NPI for many years.  Howie Horrocks started NPI as a marketing service specifically for dentists.  Joined by Eddie Facey and Mark Dilatush, Howie has put together a brilliant team of marketing minds.  What I like most about them is the absence of “fluff.”  The guys at NPI lay it on the line and eliminate the BS.  They won’t make grandiose claims or promises.  And, the other thing I like about NPI is that they are SCIENTIFIC about their methods.  Everything they do is TESTED.  And, they’ve been testing and logging data (on what works and what doesn’t) for many years.

Howie Horrocks

Since I’ve known Howie and the NPI team for so many years, this weekend wasn’t the first time I’ve heard them give a presentation.  I’ve lost count!  But, every time I go, I learn something new. NPI keeps up with the latest in marketing, and that especially applies to internet marketing these days.

Marketing is one of my favorite topics.  I’ve read countless books on the subject.  I’ve even written a book on website marketing for dentists – The Complete Website Owner’s Manual for Dentists.  That said…. Howie, Mark, and Eddie at NPI are my “go to” source for marketing.

Nevertheless, NPI doesn’t recommend you put all your eggs in one basket.  Diversification is as important with marketing as it is with investing.  So, over the 2 days of the Marketing Summit, we covered everything from direct mail design and distribution… to copywriting… to search engine optimization… to search engine marketing (different from SEO)… to setting and allocating your marketing budget.  It was an information-packed presentation.  There was plenty of supporting literature, including their brand new 3rd edition of “Unlimited New Patients.” The price of the 2-day Marketing Summit is truly a bargain.

Mark Dilatush

Of course, many of you are understandably thinking that the seminar is a long sales pitch for NPI.  I promise you it is not.  There is no sales desk in the back.  There are no other sponsors or exhibitors, either.  There’s not one mention of signing up for their marketing services.  The seminar is all about giving you information you can use yourself or when you work with ANY marketing firm.  Just pure information.  I’m not getting anything for writing this review, either!  🙂  I have no financial interest in NPI or their Marketing Summit.

Now here’s a real valuable bonus you get when attending the Marketing Summit. Prior to attending, NPI will ask you to submit a variety of data from your practice.  They will take this data and create a very THOROUGH and customized marketing report and plan for you.  Again… this is NOT a sales pitch.  You can do with it whatever you want.  And, I assure you that you will find a treasure trove of information you can use yourself or with any marketing campaign you undertake with any company.  This customized marketing report is worth the price of admission all by itself!  No kidding!  My own report blew me away.  I got a ton of really good information that will guide me in my future marketing efforts.

The 2-day Marketing Summit is a traveling show hitting cities all over the country.  Whether you’re a self-described marketing wiz, completely clueless, or have simply not had the success you’d like… Without a doubt, you’ll find the Marketing Summit an eye-opening two days.

To win the dental marketing battle, a Dental Warrior needs GOOD INTELLIGENCE.  Between the 2 days of solid and current information and your personalized marketing report, you will have that intelligence.

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Tell them the Dental Warrior sent you! 🙂

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