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“I’m on the beach, and my crown came out.”

I’ve said it a thousand times, if I’ve said it once.  The smartest thing I ever did, business-wise, was to create a well-optimized and well-written website. Today, at the end of the day, we got a call at the office.  … Continue reading

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Someone Else’s Content = Your Website Sucks

The vast majority of dental websites have content that is provided, in its entirety, by the website designer.  Most dentists hire someone to build their websites.  That’s OK!  It’s even SMART!  But, they also delegate ALL the content to the … Continue reading

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Showing up on Google’s 1st Page in Three Days

There are many SEOs (search engine optimizers) that will tell you it’s complicated and a long process to get listed favorably in Google searches.  It’s not necessarily true.  There ARE a lot of factors in play, including the amount of … Continue reading

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Another Silly Cold Caller – by Email

I just got an email today from a firm that does SEO for dental websites. Dear Dr. Mike, Kindly take thirty seconds to pull up Google and search for a Dentist in (my town). Do you see how Dr. Mike XXXXX, … Continue reading

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Christina Applegate Googles Dentist

OK, folks… it’s 12:30am, and I can’t help myself.  I’ve been inspired.  I’ve gotta blog! One of Jay Leno’s guests tonight is Christina Applegate.  And, the first thing they talked about was her very recent emergency dental treatment.  Without further … Continue reading

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Social Media Time Allocation

There are lots of choices with social media these days. Facebook has the lion’s share of active users and activity.  I’ve had a few techno-geek friends suggest that Google+ is up and coming and even better than Facebook. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Google Reviews – Disabled! (for now)

Doze meezerable cork-suckin’ bastiges! Just when I got onboard with Google Reviews, those mega-geeks at Google are changing the game… apparently a lot. The names on my reviews are gone.  Instead of a “star” rating system, it’s now a 0 … Continue reading

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Google-proof Your Website

Caffeine, Places, Farmer, +1, and Pandas* – Oh my! *The code names of some of the recent Google algorithm projects (This is going to be a long one.  But, I promise it will be worth it!  Strap in!) If you’ve … Continue reading

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