Treachery. Trickery. Subterfuge. Solicitors will do anything.

angry callerI expect that all of us have had solicitors call our offices and trick the front desk into putting the call through to us (the doctor).  They’ll say just about anything… even claiming to be the doctor’s personal friend.  I’ve had them pretend to be my accountant among other things.

Fortunately, my office manager is a sharp cookie.  Nobody gets through without fully divulging who they are and their purpose for calling.

Today, we got a new one.  And, my Google-fu has failed me in terms of figuring out which stupid company it was this time.

A woman called, claiming to be “Veronica” from Dr. John Base’s office in San Francisco.  (My office manager makes everyone spell their name as she writes it down.)  Veronica said that I called them and they were returning my call regarding some patients Dr. Base wanted to refer to me.  My office manager put “Veronica” on hold and asked me if I knew anything about the call.


Do you know a Dr. John Base? 

Ummm… no. 

He’s in San Francisco.  His office manager, Veronica, says they are referring a patient to you… and that you know about it, because you called them this morning. 

Ummm… no.  Never heard of him.  And, I didn’t call him.


And, with that, my office manager returned to the phone call.  She asked “Veronica” for more information.  “Veronica” said she didn’t know anything else about it.  “But, Dr. Mike knows.”  My OM told her that if Dr. Mike knows, he’ll call them back.

First I Googled “Dr. John Base dentist.”   Zero results.   I added “San Francisco” to the search terms.  Still nothing.  No such dentist in San Francisco or in the entire United States.  I did a reverse look-up of the phone number.  I got that it was a mobile phone in Sunnyvale, California.  But, that’s it.

Since the caller mentioned “new patient referrals,” I suspect it was one of the online referral services.  Do these guys REALLY think these tactics work?  Do they work??  Do they not realize that we dentists are a chatty bunch on the internet, and their sleezy tactics will be revealed for all to see?

Does anyone have any idea which company this might have been?  Have you had a similar call?

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6 Responses to Treachery. Trickery. Subterfuge. Solicitors will do anything.

  1. michael nugent says:

    I bet it was Doctorbase. They are like demandforce and lighthouse.

  2. Leonard Tau says:

    Definitely Doctorbase. Same exact call except I have worked with them. They are officially an SEO company which has gotten into appointment confirmations as well as a review website.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Oh! Well… why didn’t they identify themselves more clearly?? DUH! My office manager was under the impression it was a DENTAL OFFICE calling and it was Dr. John Base.

      Here’s the funny thing… I visited their website (because of your mention on FB, Len) today to see what it was about. Free listing… so, I registered. So, I guess they called me to follow up. But, they REALLY screwed up their message with my front desk! DUH!

  3. Jini says:

    These callers always assume the doctor is a male, because they screw up by saying ‘oh, he is expecting my call’….! Really, says my FD, that’s funny, because the dentist is a woman…so sorry I can’t put your call through….

  4. Donatello says:

    What do you suggest for those fellows that are calling trying to get through to you, like the SEO companies? I always say, be honest with your intentions atleast, goodness lol.

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