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The Inevitable Death of the American Dental Association

I’ve had this discussion online (Dentaltown) a number of times.  I’ve also discussed it with local colleagues who remain active in the ADA. A bit of history, first.  I joined the ADA while in dental school.  I remained a member … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Take Medicaid, If They Paid Double My Fees – Here’s Why

I remember this case from many years ago.  Dr. Leonard Morse of Brooklyn, NY was wrongfully accused of Medicaid fraud by then Attorney General (and now disgraced on multiple levels) Elliot Spitzer.  It took nearly seven years for Dr. Morse … Continue reading

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Dollars and Dentists – PBS Ignores Patient and Parental Responsibilities

Sigh… another “exposé” on the shortcomings of the “dental care system” in our country.  This one is nearly an hour long, done by PBS.  I’m not going to write a long post about this program, however.  I’ll try to get … Continue reading

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