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Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to TDW

This marks the beginning of 2013 and the 2nd anniversary of The Dental Warrior. This will be my 172nd post, which comes to about 7 posts per month on average.  Believe it or not, when I decided to start this … Continue reading

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Why I “Need” an AR-15

Hoplophobes, due to willful ignorance and fueled by recent emotionally-wrenching news, can do little more than regurgitate what’s been fed to them by the media and politicians.  Rather than looking into the real cause of violence, they reflexively ask, “Why … Continue reading

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2012 Is Over – Looking Ahead

The original title was “Looking Forward,” but I decided against using the political slogan “forward.”  🙂  I haven’t blogged in a while.  I just haven’t been inspired much lately.  And, the holidays are a drag.  Yeah… my personal issue.  😉 … Continue reading

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Stick to Your Guns – Believe in Yourself

Nope… this isn’t a post about guns. I’m writing about staying true to yourself and believing that your services have real value.  Yes, there are people… even many people… that make their dental decisions based on low fees.  The problem … Continue reading

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Chuck Woolery for (kick ass) President!

I just came across this video.  It’s funny while educational to those who have been fooled by the media and politicians.

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Your Car’s Tires – #1 Safety Item

And, now for something non-dental.  But, it may save dental lives.  I just came in from the garage after rotating my tires and adjusting their pressures. The number ONE safety device on your car isn’t your seat belt, air bags, … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

A veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to and including my life.” A lot of dentists are veterans, myself … Continue reading

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12 Reasons to Go to the Townie Meeting

The Townie Meeting has been my favorite dental meeting since the very first one. The speaker line up is always fantastic and presenters offer experience and ideas you can immediately implement in your practice (and take to the bank). The … Continue reading

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How Would You Handle This (medical history)?

We dentists deal with all kinds of patients.  This week, I had a patient who became very suspect of my office’s practice of placing protective eye-wear on all patients at every appointment.  She saw my hygienist first and asked her … Continue reading

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Don’t do this! (Dental Website Photos)

I just came across this dental website.  I’ve written a fair bit about the value of photography on a website.  Click on this link to see a list of articles on dental photography in this blog. Just don’t do this! … Continue reading

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